Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Along with beauty and history one of my other passions is film. I remember pulling a sickie from primary school so I could stay home and watch epic movies such as 'Gone with the Wind', 'An American In Paris' and film noirs with Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Lauren Bacall. I loved these women for their grit, strength and elegance. I also fell in love with the beautiful sculpted faces in black and white, which seemed hypnotic and timeless.

Chanel have also managed to keep Chanel No 5 both elegant and timeless. The fragrance was launched in 1921 and was the first perfume to use a heavy dose of aldehydes in the top note to give the perfume it’s famous sparkle along with neroli, jasmine, mayrose, ylang ylang and sandalwood and vetiver in the base notes.

Audrey Tautou has been cast as the latest reincarnation to embody the iconic Chanel No. 5 woman and has been directed by Jean- Pierre Jeunet of ‘Amelie’ and ‘A Very Long Engagement’ fame in the latest short film (a commercial just doesn’t seem to give it enough justice). The film revolves around a sensual encounter on The Orient Express night train thundering towards seductive Istanbul between Audrey and a smitten, handsome young man - with a will they won’t they get it together theme. I loved the short film the minute I saw it and it had a sense of suspense Hitchcock would be proud of with a smack of ‘From Russia with Love’ old world glamour. Check out the film on for an affair to remember!

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