Tuesday, 26 May 2009


I am a child of the 80s and 90s and some of my happiest memories are of being in the sixth form at my Catholic Girl school where we would all huddle around the latest Elle or Vogue magazine and owww and ahhh over the Steven Miesel or Peter Lindbergh photo shoots of the Supermodels.

I loved Christy for her elegance, Helena who was exotic and beautiful, Claudia was a blond bombshell and Naomi and her attitude and legs like a colt- but my all time favourite was Linda Evangelista.

I would have loved Naomi more but I felt she was always stealing my hairstyles, because every time I had a weave or caramel streaks put in- she would have it. It scares me how obnoxious I was. It only just hit me in my early 20s that perhaps the stylists I was seeing was copying Naomi’s style and trickling it down to me. Oh to be 16 again.

Anyway, I loved Linda because she was a colour chameleon and when she transformed from blonde, brunette or red she would fully commit with a make up and wardrobe change to compliment the look. I had a picture of her taped into my metal muji filofax. I was very executive in those days.

When it comes to a colour change you can be in no better hands than Sibi at Daniel Hersheson. Sibi is a true artist, celebs flock to her and she is a very cool, lovely lady to boot. For a natural colour change, try Sibi’s Uplighting technique, which is very low maintenance (great for these credit crunch days) as she gives hair a natural sunkissed glow by adding tones such as golds, vanilla and caramel tones to the mid lengths and ends of the hair therefore – no roots. To help complete the look Lauren Hersheson the salon’s in house make up artist, can also help you transform your make up bag to complement your new look. Book an appointment today to channel your inner colour chameleon.


  1. That shot of Linda as a redhead is stunning. Gorgeous!

  2. Thank you I think she is rather fabulous!


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