Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Last Friday was amazing. Not because it was a Friday but because I was invited to see Lady Gaga at the O2 with the lovely PR ladies who look after Herbal Essences and their new yummy Beautiful Ends range, which helps control frizz and spilt ends with red raspberry and silk extract. Besides all that it smells like a juicy boiled sweet! The evening was beyond glam and began as the delicious celebrity stylist Ben Cooke who looks after Leona Lewis and has worked with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Cheryl Cole, gave me a power blow dry. Now with my job lots of people say they can style my afro hair and give it a go but they don’t know what they are doing and the tight curl/ frizz beats them. I usually end up looking like James Brown or Condoleezza Rice on a bad day. However, along with a hand full of super talented stylists, I always feel like I am in safe hands with Ben and he makes me feel fierce and want to do batty rolls Beyonce stylie.

Lady Gaga (or avant garde Madonna as I like to call her) was really impressive and I felt she is a proper artist and will stick around if she wants to. Her show was really moving, as it was like a musical with a loose story of going to the Monster’s Ball -a metaphor for a place of complete artistic and social acceptance. I was really proud to be British that night when the crowd went nuts for her. The crowd was full of Gaga fans dressed in home made costumes and I have never seen so much gold lycra, batty riders, sequins, dodgy wigs and glitter make up in my life. Bless. I love the fact we as a people throw open its arms and embrace and love original, eccentric and talented artists like Gaga and Beth Ditto. Ask anyone in America and they have never heard of her, here she has fronted a high street fashion range with Evans and is bessie mates with Kate Moss. Surrounded by thousands of screaming Lady Gaga fans I was proud. If that wasn’t exciting in itself there was a Cheryl Cole sighting in the toilets and I also saw Sharon Osbourne walk past our box at the O2 and I screamed “I love you Sharon” she screamed back “I love you too”! I really think we are BFF now! Thanks Herbal Essences for a beautiful end to the evening, I couldn’t stop singing gaga roma roma and waving a Gaga esque claw in my husband’s face when I got home. Fabulous!


  1. I'm gutted I missed GAGA but reading your blog is almost like reading backstage Celebrity Daily Mail but with a bit of beauty, glamour and what I love most - Humour!

    More, more, more please!

  2. Ahhh that's so so sweet of you to say! She was amazing and a real star. I love her for her talent and charisma. I am so over girls being famous because they have been roasted by some premier league footballers!

  3. Ateh, you made me laugh out loud several times with this post! Batty riders?! That took me straight back to college - lol! The whole evening sounds wonderful and the 'do' turned well too. x xx

  4. Thank you! Oh the batty rider a true thing of beauty I remember it well myself!!!


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