Tuesday, 22 September 2009


The Pringle of Scotland show was held at the Saatchi Gallery Duke of York on the King’s Road. Backstage felt serene as the girls got ready amongst beautiful art pieces and the large, white space felt very zen. The glowing uber make up Charlotte Tilbury (she’s due to give birth in 2 weeks) who regularly works with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell was behind the 80s inspired make up look. “ The look is inspired by Brooke Shields, 80s athleticism and it’s a full on, no make up, make up look. We brushed the eyebrows up with gel. We also contoured the face using bronzer and used a new orange MAC crème blush called Optimistic”.

The hair also had a sexy sporty feel and was weighed down with Tigi leave in conditioner for a separated, piecey feel as if the girls had just played tennis and tied their hair up themselves. It was lovely to have Pringle come back home to LFW!


As I was dashing from the Twenty8Tweve show to go back backstage at Pringle I spotted Alexa Chung in Starbucks and went to say hello and congratulate her on breaking America. You can't open a US Vogue or US Harper's Bazaar without a break down on Chung's style. She was super sweet.


I got very over excited when I bumped into supermodel Trish Goff at TWENTY8TWELVE. Oh I had a flashback to 1995 sitting in my sixth form common room reading Elle and Vogue where Trish worked with fashion giants such as Versace, Chanel, Prada and Christian Dior. I would marvel at the new breed of Supermodel which included Trish. I loved her pixie face and how she rocks her short hair as I also too feel like an inner short haired gal.



Here a model is getting the final touches of her make up by MAC done before she hits the catwalk.


I was in the heart of Victoria for Sienna Miller’s show Twenty8Twelve. Anna Wintour, Pixie Geldof and Alexa Chung were all on front row for this star -studded show. Backstage the whirl of hairdryers, bright lights and manic rush of make up artists and models running about was electrifying. The lovely Luke Hersheson created the hair and the inspiration was, “ a boho rock chick with attitude who doesn’t get her hair cut much but one day she wakes up and decides to cut her own fringe-it’s Kate Moss in denim shorts and a leather jacket”. The look on the models all looked like cool girls who don’t have to try much and the liner -MAC’s Carbon made me want to join in and be part of the gang.

Sunday, 20 September 2009


I was so excited to see MAC's Gordon Espinet backstage at Vivienne Westwood Red Label. He is super talented, fabulous and one of the sweetest people I have ever met. He also said my skin and foundation was looking good, which is like Michelangelo saying he likes the way you draw I was extremely proud.


As one of my all time heroines Vivienne Westwood’s Red label show was an absolute must see this fashion week. I have always loved her heroic romantic vision, her love of history and inspiration taken from the Georgian era. Backstage at the Old Sorting Post Office on New Oxford Street was chaotic and buzzing and ram packed full of make up artists, camera crews, hair stylists and wall-to-wall models. I spotted Daisy Lowe looking like her heart was full of sorrow (perhaps her rumoured break up with her boyfriend Will is to blame) as well as Pixie Geldof with new blonde hair extensions jumping about.

I mustered all my courage to approach Dame Vivienne herself and got to have a chat with her backstage. She told me, “ the collection is influenced on my archive and a woman who was very bad”. This look was translated by MAC’s Gordon Espinet Vice President of Global make up artistry who also happens to be a fellow Trini (Trinidadian) like me. He explained, “ Vivienne had lots of biblical references and wanted to create a seductress who had an affair with Joseph and had told lies about her husband she’s bad, beautiful and a little evil. There is no colour on the face I just used pencils and a palette of taupes such as hudge pudge, concrete, coquette and omega to pull down the corners of the mouth and eyes”. Peter Grey using L’Oreal Professionnel completed the look with Alice in Wonderland inspired hair, which looked slightly ratty, naughty and as if it hadn’t been brushed through.

Vivienne’s show offered up an explosion of ideas and creativity, which left me walking out on a fashion and beauty high, which could also have been helped along by hairspray and no windows backstage. I loved it!
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