Thursday, 20 October 2011


I’m having a Rimmel moment. I have always had happy Rimmel beauty memories. I remember as a teenager I bought the iconic Heather Shimmer lipstick I don’t think it looked great on me, I was just thrilled it had enough pigment to actually show up on my skin! Those were the days when everything looked like ash on me because of poor pigments.

Last month during fashion week they had the best backstage survival kit, filled with goodies such as their new Glam’Eyes Eyeshadows and the New Kate Collection lipsticks, £5.49, I am completely in love with the new Kate collection, which is a delicious new range of 7 shades of lipsticks by the icon herself La Moss. This is a big year for Rimmel and Kate Moss as well as getting married this year (Bless!) it’s been 10 years since these 2 very British institutions hooked up. Last month there was a bit of a do at Claridges in the decadent, sumptuous and iconic art deco ballroom. Kate looked amazing, her skin was flawless and she was all glowy. She actually looks better in the flesh than in pictures if you can believe it- that girl has won the genetic and cool lottery! Kate’s magic has rubbed off onto this new line. The fashion forward shades are packed full of pigment and have great textures and punch. They are housed in a sleek matte black packaging and are elegantly numbered. I love number 1 for a sexy classic red and number 8 for a fleshy nude lip, which looks really good on darker skin tones as well. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't wash me out it was really sexy and has a mod feel. I also love the number 4 shade for a wearable semi-matte vampy purple/plum. I salute you Rimmel!

Friday, 9 September 2011


This week started off with a bang. I was more than a little overexcited to be invited to the top secret unveiling of Chanel at Harrods. Now I’m a massive Chanel fan and when I say fan- I mean devotee. I love all things Chanel, it’s my spiritual label. Everybody has a spiritual label- one designer house, which makes you go a bit silly and weak in the knees and makes you eat beans on toast for a month when you're a student and broke because you just had to have that bag/shoes/dress (delete as applicable). Some of my friends love Mulberry, Hermes, YSL, and Prada but for me- oh for me it has always been sweet, sweet Chanel. The chic black and white, the pearls, the quilting, the lady like elegance with edge- Oh that lady Coco and her glorious discipline Mr Lagerfeld are right up my street when it comes to what I find beautiful and fabulous.

For 3 weeks only Harrods have also devoted themselves to all things Chanel, as the entire Brompton Road façade has been Chanel-ed, inspired by Lagerfeld's 2011/2012 A/W collection, which is all gothic, sexy fairy tales meets surrealism (love it). There's also a pop up Ephemeral boutique on the ground floor by the Hans Road entrance featuring bags, shoes, costume jewellery and soon to be collectors items, I’m sure- green Harrods/ Chanel bags (a fantastic love child of these two most iconic brands). Another fun Chanel zone is the installation ‘Une Promenade’ on the third floor, which immerses you in the Chanel world. I enjoyed watching the videos of how the classic 2.55 bags are handmade. I love craftmenship and quality, which each bag oozes. 

When it comes to beauty Chanel make up packs a punch and is full of pigment, which looks good on all skintone- no bull! Head down to the  Ephemeral beauty boutique on the ground floor, which showcases the ‘Knightsbridge Collection’, created by Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL make-up. The exclusive range for Harrods boasts the coolest Knightsbridge inspired names such as the Brompton Road palette and corally pinkish Belgravia lipstick, which is fab. I also had a wicked time hanging out with celebrity make up artist Mary Greenwell and Sophy Robson, the cool kid nail expert who can always been seen backstage at fashion week. Sophy gave me a sexy mani in this season’s latest must have colour- Peridot. It’s a shimmering blinging golden, greeny metallic, which feels alive as it changes colour in the light. You can see me modeling the mani in my 'America’s Next Top Model' inspired photoshoot above (I tried to find my light and smize- that’s smile with my eyes for those of you that don't watch the goddess- who is Tyra Banks) in the Chanel photo booth, which can be found at their new make up counter. I was totally overwhelmed and excited by seeing so much Chanel and if you too want to put a spring in your step and a dent in your wallet, get yourself down to Harrods to have fun in this most chic Chanel wonderland.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Ok people are you ready for it - are you ready for my close up? Well here it is a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked by Dove to be a Beauty Expert in their series of films called Hair Rehab on Marie Claire's fab website helping real women sort out their hair dramas.

I love talking beauty with women it doesn't matter who you are and where you come from Beauty is a universal language all women speak. Back in the day after I graduated from university I used to work on counter as a beauty consultant. I used to work in Harrods, Selfridges, Dickins and Jones (I told you it was back in the day) and Harvey Nichols. It was fantastic and I really enjoyed it, as I felt like I was a bartender listening to woman's tales of woe and triumph, as I dished out advice and a lipgloss on the rocks. Women would walk up to the counter asking for make up as armour or a treat as they had a big corporate meeting they wanted to look glam for, had received a promotion or wanted a diva esque F*** you red lipstick, as they had to give back keys and have a last showdown with a cheating boyfriend. That's what I love about the Beauty industry and products it's emotional and taps into something quite primal and is not just about looking pretty.

So when I was asked to do filming with Dove for their Hair Rehab series I was thrilled and had a blast chatting all day to these dynamic cool women. I tried not to get too Sunset Boulevard when they shouted action but now my friends and family are only allowed to talk to me with a spotlight in their hands (with no eye contact I don't like people in my eye line while I'm in the moment or I'll get Christian Bale on their asses) while filming me on their iphones. Too much? Anyway, check out the films below!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


When you think of Bobbi Brown you don't usually think of bling as she's the queen of the natural make under- you but only better. However, with the new High Shimmer Lip Gloss, £17,, she's bring us a touch of grown up bling Bobbi stylee. I love the new range with it's new tapered applicator and the lip colours are non-sticky with a sexy mix of fine pearls and clear pigments, which means the colours stay true, packed full of colour and look fab on all skin tones. The multi tasking lip glosses not only make you look fantastic but they are also nourishing as they're laced with vitamin C and vitamin E. I'm loving the shades Midnight Velvet, Plum Gold and Hot (in my mind I like to think Bobbi named that one after me).


As you all know Tom Pecheux Estee Lauder's Creative Makeup Director is one of my beauty heroes. He is kind, directional, cultured, fun and very talented. He has knocked it out of the park yet again with his latest Pure Color Modern Mercury collection. Tom says he was influenced by the architecture of the New York skyline and the collection boasts exciting new texture- get your hands on the new Pure Color Illuminationg Powder Gelee, £28,, which is the beauty love child of a liquid, powder and gel and the powder texture gives a sort of wet look shimmering glow and can be used wet or dry.

Check out the film below, which my company Couture Communications,, had the pleasure of producing for Grazia. Check out Grazia's fabulous Beauty Editor Lauren Murdoch Smith interviewing the man himself about the collection!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


OMG to say I am a Kardashian fan is a complete understatement. Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Khloe and Lamar are all like Mother's Milk to me.

So when we got the opportunity to film with the ridiculously beautiful and super sweet Kim Kardashian herself as she launched her new UK fragrance Kim Kardashian, prices start from £22.95 for 30ml Eau de Parfum, available nationwide, at the Dorchester Hotel in London and also her PA on Oxford Street, we at my Beauty and Fashion filming company Couture Communications, jumped at the chance.

Just like Kim, her new fragrance packs a feminine, sensual and sensory wallop. The fragrance is straight up my street with femme fatale notes of Jasmine, Tuberose, Gardenia and warming Tonka bean. The fragrance is a pure reflection of Kim, as like her a it's also all about family. The three main notes, were inspired by her late father's love of Gardenia, her momager mother Kris Jenner's love of Tuberose and Kim's favourite Jasmine note.

This totally feminine debut fragrance is encased in a deep purple glass flacon with pink pearl writing and is just screaming out to adorn any woman's dressing table (if only Kim's 20.5 carat engagement ring came with it! I've had a look at it and it's a big'un).

Do check out the film below of Kim 'Taking London'. Her fans went nuts and I must admit I was one of them!

Monday, 28 March 2011


I was really moved like everyone by Katie Piper’s strength and guts at battling both her emotional and physical scars, after her horrific acid attack at the hands of her ex boyfriend.

Last week, I watched Channel 4’s Katie: My Beautiful Friends, a new 4 part series on Katie’s efforts at setting up a support network for others dealing with disfigurement, which was incredibly inspiring. In our society how we look determines so much about how we feel about ourselves and can dramatically affect our self-esteem. What’s even more interesting is even if you are at peace with what you see in the mirror- other people’s reactions can shape our personalities and self-esteem. This documentary is really important, as we can all judge people at face value and don’t really see the real people behind their condition and appearance.

I learnt a very important life lesson when I was 19. I was in university walking to a café when the most beautiful man I had ever seen was walking along the road (well second most beautiful after my husband). Men, women and dogs all literally stopped to stare at this heavenly creature. Immediately (I think it’s human nature) I started transferring all these positive emotions and thoughts onto him and thought, “oh he must be such a nice man, I bet he loves animals and babies and works for the Peace Corps”. Then suddenly he bent down to tie his shoelace and I saw poking out from under his coat, a dead blood splattered pigeon. Yes, you read that right- a dead bloody pigeon WTF, which he was secretly caressing. Everything I thought went out the window and I said to myself,” Oh my God what a psycho, what’s that about. Is he on crack on something?" I crossed the road and ran in the opposite direction. The point is I had assumed very wrongly all these things about him based on his appearance and as soon as I saw the bird, I looked at his face again and the volume on his choir boy looks were dramatically turned down. I said there and then let that be a lesson to you Ateh, beauty shines through us all from within and don’t ever again judge a book by it’s cover- get to know the real person inside to see real beauty that will never age or fade.

 "Watch the first episode here [link to ]on C4 on demand and tune into the next episodes every Monday at 9pm on C4”.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


I love beauty companies with a conscious. We live in very unsettling times (my heart and prayers especially go out to the people of Japan at this time) and it's good to know as a beauty consumer you can give a little something back. With this in mind, Aveda has launched their fabulous limited edition Light the Way Candle, £16 for Earth Month again this year. During Earth Month this April, to raise awareness and funds for clean water around the world, which shamefully millions of people still do not have safe access to- £12.80 per candle sold in the UK will go the the Global Greengrants Fund (GGF).

This clean burning soy wax candle has stress relieving benefits and 100% certified organic essential oils with French lavender, lavandin and clary sage sourced from the Diois region of Northern Provence, France. Go on, do something good for yourself, the Earth and the lives of some of the world's poorest communities by buying one this April.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Hi guys! Please check out the film I directed backstage at Christopher Kane A/W 11 and my company Couture Communications produced, which features on! It was so much fun going backstage and the make up look created by Chantecaille was amazing. It was really chic and flattered all skin tones. Check it out!



Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sunday, 20 February 2011



It’s that time of year again people…. it’s London Fashion Week A/W 11- have it! I was backstage again filming with my Fashion and Beauty Production Company COUTURE COMMUNICATIONS,, with the bubbly and fierce Lauren Murdoch Smith, Associate Beauty Editor for Grazia filming for Grazia Daily. The first show of the day was at Louise Gray at the On/Off Studios on Mercer Street. There wasn’t enough room to swing a cat backstage and the whirl of the hairdryers and cramped quarters ramped up the diva level to 11 for the fashion types buzzing about. I had to keep reminding myself as I dodged through waving arms and shrieks that people are fighting for their democratic rights in the Middle East and at the end of the day it’s just fashion baby.

The beauty looks backstage at Louise Gray was fabulous with MAC make up artist James O’ Reily using primary colour circus-esque dots painted onto the girls faces. To translate the look without looking like a nutter, try using a primary colour liner in blue or yellow as a liner in the corner of the eye. The hair was created by the delicious Luke Hersheson (so polite and talented) and referenced the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the 80s with a masculine edge – genius. Then it was to quote Jay-Z…..onto the next one… House of Holland.

All beauty girls love Henry and his show as he really gets beauty. Beauty can be treated like a bit of a bothersome kid sister you’ve been forced to hang out with by your parents- by the fashion crowd. However, our Henry loves a hair, make up and nail look- bless him and it showed backstage. The inspiration for the show was tweed and granny but with a modern twist. Henry’s collection felt more sophisticated and he said it’s because he designs for his friends and they are all growing up and going to cocktail parties.

MAC’s Lucia Pica knocked it out the park with a juicy glossed up raspberry cherry lip using MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick custom blended. Adam Reed for Babylis lightly tonged the hair and then swept it up into a dreamy and romantic ponytail, while nail guru Sophy Robson gave the girls a twisted French manicure with some girls sporting neon orange tips, navy tips and others with tiger strips- Grrrrrrrr.

The last show of the day for me was Jonathan Saunders, which referenced the 1930s/40s yet had a futuristic feel, which had a touch of a Blade Runner vibe to me. The make up look created by MAC’s Lucia Pieroni. Cheekbones were teased and chiselled with MAC’s Tenderling and Bone Beige. The wash of MAC’s Groundwork Paint pot- a tobacco brown was swept over the eye with a layer of MAC’s lipglass slathered on top, which does what it says on the tin giving the eye a glass like quality.

The hair was created by Paul Hanlon for Fekkai and he created a look every woman loves- sleek, sexy yet coquettish ballet hair…lovely. Extensions were added for a super long, groomed blunt cut ponytail and slicked into submission with hair spray blasted dry into the hair. I wanted to run home and do the look on my own hair, which is always a good sign in my book as it’s totally covetable yet achievable hair. My feet are throbbing, I need a cup of tea and a lay down before having it large again tomorrow. See you backstage Manana.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


As you all know I'm just a little obsessed with Bobbi Brown (the make up guru not Whitney's bad boy ex). While doing a phone interview with the lady herself while in a broom cupboard in a posh Marco Pierre White restaurant (it's a long story), I gushed embarrassingly all over her. Like some kind of make up stalker I told her how much I appreciated she always made me feel included and fabulous when rocking up to her beauty counter back in the day, when most other cosmetics companies idea of a darker shade was something Cameron Diaz would wear. Bobbi's done it again with the new Rich Lip Color range, £16, available nationwide from the 1st March, which is quite delicious and has an extensive 12 shades, which really does suit every skin tone- no bull.

This lippie is for a new generation of ladee as it's light weight, packed full of pigment and creamy, leaving lips feeling conditioned instead of like you've applied a layer of paint stripper to them. The lipstick uses clever technology with a colourless base so the formula is totally colour saturated. I love the Plum rose and goth Crimson shades (which look fab on darker skin tones) but I also tried the Sweet Nectar shade, which I wouldn't usually go for but I was pleasantly surprised that it looked really fresh on my darker skin tone and brightened up my face making me feel all Spring like. I think the lipsticks would also make really good cream blushers as well- have a go dabbing them on the apples of your cheeks for a sheer wash of colour. I also love the packaging, which is matte black and feels a bit gangster ( I do love matte black cars especially pimped out Range Rovers I'm a bit of a boy like that).

Have a go for yourself and enjoy!
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