Monday, 21 January 2013


I do love all things nails. When I say love I mean it. I have even real blood in my love and pursuit of fabulous nail art. Back in the day in the 90s when I was in school my friend and I went to the Odeon to see a movie. She had just received- by post a nail piercing kit from some kind aunt in the US (this was before internet shopping people). I was so excited to give it go I made her pierce my nail with a sharp mental drill in the back of the cinema in the dark (why do you have zero common sense as a teen), anyway after some bleeding and screams I had my first nail piercing on a perfect 90s french manicure thank you very much. 

A couple of decades on and piercings aside and post footballers wives french manicures I still do love a nude nail. Butter London one of my favourite nail ranges are launching the Starkers Lacquer Collection,, with 3 nudes. I could literally kiss them, as often when people launch nudes there ain’t nothing for me to create hot mannequin nails. However, the new collection have a light creme, soft beige and warm tan, I would happily wear any of them but it’s a pleasant surprise that all skin tones have been thought of. The same goes for tights, it’s much better today but you have a look for nude tights for darker skin tones, they are hard to come by and if they are good enough for Kate Middleton....... anyway grab yourself a bottle for pain free chic nails. 
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