Sunday, 20 February 2011


It’s that time of year again people…. it’s London Fashion Week A/W 11- have it! I was backstage again filming with my Fashion and Beauty Production Company COUTURE COMMUNICATIONS,, with the bubbly and fierce Lauren Murdoch Smith, Associate Beauty Editor for Grazia filming for Grazia Daily. The first show of the day was at Louise Gray at the On/Off Studios on Mercer Street. There wasn’t enough room to swing a cat backstage and the whirl of the hairdryers and cramped quarters ramped up the diva level to 11 for the fashion types buzzing about. I had to keep reminding myself as I dodged through waving arms and shrieks that people are fighting for their democratic rights in the Middle East and at the end of the day it’s just fashion baby.

The beauty looks backstage at Louise Gray was fabulous with MAC make up artist James O’ Reily using primary colour circus-esque dots painted onto the girls faces. To translate the look without looking like a nutter, try using a primary colour liner in blue or yellow as a liner in the corner of the eye. The hair was created by the delicious Luke Hersheson (so polite and talented) and referenced the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the 80s with a masculine edge – genius. Then it was to quote Jay-Z…..onto the next one… House of Holland.

All beauty girls love Henry and his show as he really gets beauty. Beauty can be treated like a bit of a bothersome kid sister you’ve been forced to hang out with by your parents- by the fashion crowd. However, our Henry loves a hair, make up and nail look- bless him and it showed backstage. The inspiration for the show was tweed and granny but with a modern twist. Henry’s collection felt more sophisticated and he said it’s because he designs for his friends and they are all growing up and going to cocktail parties.

MAC’s Lucia Pica knocked it out the park with a juicy glossed up raspberry cherry lip using MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick custom blended. Adam Reed for Babylis lightly tonged the hair and then swept it up into a dreamy and romantic ponytail, while nail guru Sophy Robson gave the girls a twisted French manicure with some girls sporting neon orange tips, navy tips and others with tiger strips- Grrrrrrrr.

The last show of the day for me was Jonathan Saunders, which referenced the 1930s/40s yet had a futuristic feel, which had a touch of a Blade Runner vibe to me. The make up look created by MAC’s Lucia Pieroni. Cheekbones were teased and chiselled with MAC’s Tenderling and Bone Beige. The wash of MAC’s Groundwork Paint pot- a tobacco brown was swept over the eye with a layer of MAC’s lipglass slathered on top, which does what it says on the tin giving the eye a glass like quality.

The hair was created by Paul Hanlon for Fekkai and he created a look every woman loves- sleek, sexy yet coquettish ballet hair…lovely. Extensions were added for a super long, groomed blunt cut ponytail and slicked into submission with hair spray blasted dry into the hair. I wanted to run home and do the look on my own hair, which is always a good sign in my book as it’s totally covetable yet achievable hair. My feet are throbbing, I need a cup of tea and a lay down before having it large again tomorrow. See you backstage Manana.

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