Monday, 15 February 2010


As you all know I am a huge Chanel fan and I also am a bit of a lip balm fanatic, as there is nothing less appealing and uncomfortable than cracked up dry lips. So I’m not ashamed to say I did let out a little squeal of delight when this new Chanel Hydramax + Active Nutrition Lip care, £26, (that’s Chanel speak for lip balm) landed on my desk. It’s a really nourishing product without any sticky tackiness. The balm helps to soothe, plump and protect the delicate skin on the lips with rose wax, cottonseed oil and ceratonia PFA, the key ingredient in the HYDRAMAX +ACTIVE range, which helps to boost the skin’s own natural hydration mechanisms. Apart from that, the Barbie sized dinky packaging is fabulous, smells of white peaches and berries but not too much, as I can’t stand over perfumed products and will look chic when being pulled out of any handbag. Look out for it when it launches on the 23rd April. Chanel you are class all the way! 


  1. Ateh, thank you for making my day!!i am squealing with delight over this launch too.i am a huuuge fan of Chanel Hydramax+Active Nutrition face cream - i have seen such a wonderful change in my skin since i started using it just after Christmas (thanks Mum!).super excited to see what this 'lip care' brings to my wintered lips - roll on 23rd April!

  2. This is a wonder pot of lips is packaged very well.I think the p[rice is a bit on the higher side but it definite;y speaks of excellent quality.

  3. Thanks for the comment! Yes my pot sits on my desk and I love it! A little goes a long way though so it may work out economically!
    Ateh x


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