Thursday, 11 February 2010


Last week was very exciting as one of my favourite make up artists Laura Mercier was launching her S/S colours at the Dorchester with an array of new products. Laura works with a dazzling number of A-list super stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Sienna Miller, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba. Meeting ladies like Laura is why I love the beauty industry as she is ballsy, outspoken, talented with lots of integrity and creativity.

The last few times I have met Laura I have asked her to please go darker with her colours and I’m so pleased she has extended her range with her light weight sheer coverage foundation Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 by 3 shades with Bisque (for light to neutral complexions with pink and yellow undertones), Caramel (for light tanned and olive complexions) and Mocha (for darker skin tones with yellow and red undertones) with a plan to add 2 more darker shades! I’ve always wanted to use this tinted moisturizer but until the Mocha shade there was just nothing to cater for my skin tone. The mocha leaves a dewy finish without leaving an ashy film on the skin, which you often get on darker skin tones when SPF is in the product.

Laura’s iconic Secret Concealer, £18,, has now also been extended to 6 shades and now caters for Asian and Black skin tones. The three new shades are No. 4 for medium skin tones with light golden undertones. No 5 is great for medium to deep skin with neutral/rose undertones and No. 6 is great for darker skin tones with rich caramel undertones.  It’s great for concealing dark circles and is packed full of vitamin E and A to protect the fragile skin around the eye area. The new Under Eye Protector in orange/yellow, £18, is also a genius new product and is also excellent for Asian skin tones as hereditary dark circles are often a problem for this skin tone. The creamy colour corrector won’t cake or slide off but helps to cancel out grey and purple imperfections before your concealer and foundation goes on.

I’m really excited about the new line extensions as it’s my personal beauty bug bear that many companies (you know who you are) don’t cater to Asian and black skin tones. I have heard all the excuses under the sun such as there is not enough room on the shelves in store, the colours for darker skins don’t sell well (that’s because there is always only a token dark shade, which suits Beyonce or Halle Berry and nobody else). The funniest one I have heard as to why there are no dark shades is that the company is not sure if the market is right in the UK for darker skin tones- er take it from me there are legions of cash rich and ignored beauty mad Asian and Black women in the UK. Extending the range was obviously very important to Laura as she said, "it means the world. It is an achievement that should have been done a longtime ago. When the range was first created we had dark shades included and then they were taken out and I have been fighting to get them back ever since. They make the line complete".

Congrats Laura on the new shades and thank you x

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