Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Last night I went to the 20th anniversary party for Elemis. The party was packed full of loyal followers of the brand and celebs such as Yasmin Le Bon, Lisa B and Trinny Woodall. I have always been a huge fan of the very British brand as the treatments are not your average rub down but are a truly holistic experience for the mind, body and soul. I love the day spa just off the hectic and busy Bond street in central London and it’s only after an amazing treatment, which is medicinal as well as luxurious where you get to unwind, tense muscles are soothed and you have a chance to quieten your mind, that you realise that London living can really leave you feeling a bit battered and exhausted.

I also love Sean and Noella the driving force and heart of the well loved brand as they really are soulful people who deeply believe in the giving back, creating great quality products and spa experiences. In true Elemis style after 20 successful years the beauty company is giving back with  two 20th Anniversary limited edition products with the iconic Skin Nourishing Milk Bath which is great for dry skin with its soothing oat extract and Japanese camellia oil, repackaged in an Italian glass decanter. The ultimate anti-aging face cream Pro Collagen Marine Cream has also been pimped out with a Limited edition 100 ml jar and a special silver lid. The most special part of the 20th Anniversary limited editions is that a percentage of the profits will go to the charity Mothers4Children founded by Yasmin Le Bon and Lisa B, which supports existing charities such as Kids Company and F.R.O.D.O, the foundation for the relief of disabled orphans in Romania.

Well done and congratulations Elemis!


  1. Oh, I love Kids Company. And Yasmin Le Bon... I could do with an Elemis massage right now!


  2. I know!!!! It was a fantastic night and Yasmin Le Bon just gets better with age and I wouldn't say no to a well being back massage right now either!
    Thanks for the comments!
    Ateh x


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