Friday, 24 September 2010


The fifth and final day of London Fashion Week for me started with a bang, as I was backstage at Marios Schwab. There the 70s, a major trend for Spring/Summer was revisited again, as the lovely Luke Hersheson channeled Joan Jett, Courtney Love and all things rock and roll with his lived in and sexy cut, which were all wigs! There Nichola Joss, celebrity beauty expert (she works with Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman and Angelina Jolie) and all round sweetheart was using St Tropez to sculpt and highlight the girls skin. She applied a cream highlighter onto the skin down the arms and across the decolletage - body finishing is a going to be a huggge trend- you heard it here first! The make up by Petros Petrohilos was glam rock as well with a worn smudgy kohl pencil with a little vaseline on the lids to make it crease. The lip was really simple but effective with a berry stain pressed into the centre of the lips which looks like it was the end of a wild night and the girls had been necking down bottles of bordeaux. Tres cool.

Then it was onto Burberry where I spotted Sarah Jessica Parker backstage before the show and lovely Lauren from Grazia got to interview both Wendy Rowe who was working on the new face for Burberry make up model de jour Nina. The make up was totally wearable and how real women love to look polished and sexy. The burberry lip was creamy and pink and the blush was worn low of the cheek to give the face a more sultry look. The fabulous Neil Moodie who created the hair look described it as  if the girls were on motorcycles with helmets on and had jumped off and shaken their hair out so it was a bit flat on the top. He used tongs to put a slight curl and wave in the bottom of the hair and smoothed down the centre parting. He used Bumble and Bumble prep spray on damp hair to give the hair guts. As always the most simple looks take the most work and effect, so it's pretend helmet hair -there's no use sticking a bicycle helmet on your head this will not achieve the look- trust me!

While backstage I had a lovely chat with Jourdan Dunn who was so down to earth and warm and looked amazing in the show. As we posed together for pictures I got a little too into it and was giving my cameraman my best Zoolander blue steel/ 90s Linda Evangelista supermodel moves next to Jourdan. When he said he would like to shoot more film I said, "how do you want me" ? He said, "errrr Ateh do you mind if you move out of the shot, so I can shoot just Jourdan", she literally pissed herself laughing and I screamed, "what do you mean you don't want me in the shot, you're telling me you only want to shoot the supermodel who is actually in the Burberry show- what the hell is the world coming too".  Blessssss him he was so embarrassed.  I really do think some days I suffer from high self esteem. Oh well.  That was a great way to end a fantastic London Fashion Week. Thank you so much for all your fab comments and emails. I'm off to Milan for fashion week and will keep you all posted on all the gossip!


  1. I feel like I've had my own back stage pass from all of your posts! Sounds like you had a blast. Thanks so much for sharing it all!

  2. Thanks Nadia! So glad you enjoyed getting all the backstage gossip I had a great time bringing you all the best beauty bits x


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