Saturday, 18 September 2010


It's been a crazy and exciting few weeks for my Beauty and Fashion Filming consultancy business Couture Communications, We have been doing lots of filming behind the scenes with the delicious JLS, as they launch their Just Love Safe campaign. They held a press conference last week at the Soho Hotel to share their new news! Now to say the JLS boys are sweet, chatty, warm and well totally undiva ish is an understatement. They are a complete credit to their families and are just well mannered, well brought up young men. Even after I tried to bust some moves and sing a few lines from their 'The Club is alive with the sound of music' video, they gave me bemused yet sweet smiles (you know the one you give your demented aunt after she has had a few cocktails and decides to shame herself by dancing on a table in public thinking she is 18 years old again) blessssssss. As lovely guys they are passionate about giving back and have launched the JLS charity foundation to help aid the causes close to their hearts.

The first project the boys have launched is the JUST LOVE SAFE campaign with Durex as they have launched their own range of extra safe condoms to help 16-24 year old promote safe sex. Shockingly the UK has the highest rates of STDs and unwanted pregnancies and JLS want to do something about it. As Aston and the boys says, "no glove, no love"! They want to take the stigma and peer pressure out of both women and men carrying condoms, which is the responsible thing to do. The condoms are available at Superdrug nationwide and have a slighter lower price to help them fly off the shelves and protect this 16-24 year old age bracket. There should be no shame in both women and men carrying condoms but many people think they will look like slagggggs. WRONG. The boys say you look both ways before crossing a road, its madness not to do the same and carry condoms for safety when you go out!

I have nothing but praise for the boys and I salute you and Durex for this admirable and progressive step! Which packet will you be buying????? Hmmmmmmmm


  1. I won't answer the question, but well done to JLS for getting involved and giving something back. I can imagine they are also well behaved, they look like the most polite young men!

  2. thanks Bella Queen they were so well brought up sweet guys their mamas must be proud x


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