Sunday, 18 January 2009

The 18th Century and Me

I’ve always been a little in love with 18th Century beauty and fashion. I love the ‘more is more’ attitude with the use of make up as a weapon for seduction, expression and also the practicality of it all (beauty marks were often used to cover blemishes or pox marks) it certainty is more fabulous than using a bit of concealer. Anyway, I was watching Kirsten Dunst in ‘Marie Antoinette’ and my love affair was stoked up all over again. There are lots of references you can take from this era of decadence and darkness for your own make up look.

Stained Lips

Give lips a sexy blush and deep stain with Giorgio Armani’s Lip Wax Compact Lipstick in Raspberry or Deep Chanti for a richer deeper stain. This lip wax has a great modern texture, which can be dabbed into the lips. The texture is matte but won’t dry your lips out and can be mixed with a bit of lip balm if you want a bit of a sheen.

Matte skin

Matte powdered skin was a sign of wealth and power as it meant you didn’t have to go into the fields to work and therefore get a tan. You can give a nod to this look with matte powdered skin, which always looks luxurious and grown up. Try layering on Chanel’s Poudre Universelle Compacte in Beige on the t- zone and darker skin tones can try MAC’s Blot Powder/ Pressed in Dark or Deep Dark, which will give skin a matte silky look without leaving skin looking ashy.

Strong brow

A strong natural brow is great for framing the face and also makes you look younger and more innocent as it smacks of a time before you’ve discovered waxing and tweezers. To get the look try using Estee Lauder’s Brow Setting Gel, and brush your brows upwards to get a fuller look and also tame unruly hairs.


Blush was a very important part of the 18th Century look- going for the full red or scarlet blush today granted would make you look a little demented but going for a shade braver with your blush would give a dramatic and sexy injection of 18th Century glamour into your make up. If you love natural soft warm pinks try Bobbi Brown’s blush in Peony, which is a cooler pink or for a sexy pop of wearable red on your cheeks, try Nar’s Cream Blush in Turkish Red.

Go on and add some Dangerous Liaisons into your routine………..

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