Monday, 13 July 2009


Beauty dreams can come true. I have found foundation Nirvana in Nars new Sheer Glow foundation. I’m all about dewy, glowing skin and finding a perfect colour match is a nightmare for me and for anyone with ethnic skin tones. Most companies offer token dark shades, which only Beyonce and Alek Wek could wear, which leave everyone in between uncatered for. In the past I have had foundations which range from that scary monotone, heavy natural mask like Fashion Fair look circa 1995 to ashy looking foundations and ones that make me look angry and a bit fierce (not in a good way). Since I was 14 I haven’t found a foundation I have been head of heels in love with until this one!

Clever NARS have widened their range to 20 shades, (mine is Benares) which will be available from the 1st September, with real undertones women with darker skin tones have. Instead of angry red undertones and too honeyed golden tones NARS have got the balance and range of undertones right from browns, yellow, blue/ reds and espresso for a range of dark skin tones.

As well as giving skin a soft satin sheen, the foundation also has hydrating benefits and promises to leave skin looking radiant after 4 weeks of repeated use. Lovely.

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