Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Hello my name is Ateh and I love Britney Spears. There, I said it and I am not ashamed. I have always loved her from the beginning. I loved the marketing juggernaut behind her image and brand, which actually made the public believe for just one second, she was an innocent teenage virgin and not the Britney we now know. Genius. Respect .

I also love Britney’s dancer’s body, which in her heyday in the ‘I’m a slave for you’ video was like a race horse, all lean yet muscular and healthy, as you couldn’t dance like that if were a weak size zero Rachel Zoe wannabe only eating green salad. I also love Britney the survivor and how she has bounced back after her multiple melt downs, divorces, pink wigs and babies. She’s a grafter I like that too and also the way her hair changes from Blonde Britney I’m a pop star to Brunette Britney I’m being introspective, so please take me seriously or I will flip and lose it again. On her road back to mental wellness and pop stardom the Baptist Britney has released her latest song '3', all about threesomes- praise be! The video is fab and I was watching it on my i phone the other day when I noticed they seemed to have used a very old trick to make Britney look more starry and prominent in the video.

It suddenly hit me that a few frames of the video reminded me of a 18th century fashion trick where rich ladies of quality would be painted with their black maids/slaves next to them to make them pop, look fairer in the picture and also show off their wealth due to the fact they could afford an exotic black maid/slave.

In Britney’s video she is flanked by hot black and Hispanic dancers, which does make her pop with her white swimsuit and blonde hair. However, unlike in the 18th century Britney is fake tanned within an inch of her life but the comparisons do seem very similar. Britney does look good, the dancers do look good but it just reminded me of the times when Asian, Black and Hispanic beauty was not considered beautiful but comical with big lips, boobs and bums. Thank God for JLO’s bum! In terms of making ethnic bodies and sensuality acceptable and desirable we have a lot to owe to Ms Lopez. Without JLOEva MendesJessica Albathe Kardashian sistersNicole from the Pussycat dollsBeyonce or other ethnic women wouldn’t be seen as the goddesses they are but as ladies who need to tone up. Now women like Heidi from 'The Hills' turn to plastic surgeries like lip collagen injections, boob jobs and even butt implants - the world has certainly changed.

What do you guys think?


  1. Some things never change!

  2. I loved this entry Ateh. Virginal Britney did annoy me but her ability to pick herself up from her countless blips and crazy periods has certainly made her appear far more real and interesting.
    I hadn’t given it much thought but you are right- it is amazing how much popular opinion on beauty has changed in recent years and I agree that celebrity, music and film (especially JLo) have had a profound influence. It is strange to think that not so long ago women wanting nose jobs would bow to social pressure and opt for the tiny Barbie doll button nose irrespective of whether or not it suited them, (in fact in Iran where I am from this is sadly still the case as the ‘western’ nose is coveted) and now bigger is better with butt implants and collagen lip jabs being all the rage. Things are definitely much less bland and more multidimensional nowadays, and it is great to see beauty in many of its forms and faces being celebrated x

  3. Thanks for the great comments Nell. I did know Iran was the land of the nose job but didn't realise it had extended to lip and butt implants! It's amazing I think it's MTV and the internet which has changed their perception of beauty. Interesting thank you again. x


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