Sunday, 19 September 2010


It was another fun filled day in fashion paradise at Day 3 of LFW! To say today was manic is a complete understatement! I started at Basso & Brooke at an eye watering 7 am with a few camera crews from my company Couture Communications,, where I stopped to have a chat with the boys and take a picture with lovely Bruno. They told me the hair and make up was inspired by the film 'Chloe' starring Amanda Seyfried with glossy and glamourous brushed out waves.

Then it was off to Antonio Berardi where Malcolm Edwards for John Frieda flew in the door hot and bothered, as he was running late from the Julien McDonald show yet he pulled it out of the bag to create the most dreamy and chic soft top knot bun with angelic wispy bits pulled out at the sides. Gucci Westman for Revlon also created an ethereal look with a wash on grey on the lips and a peachy pink lipstick used as blush on the cheeks. Marian Newman nail guru was also there mixing together a custom made nail colour for Revlon, which was a stunning pale grey.

The next pit stop was for my lady (y'all know I do love all things Viv) Vivienne Westwood where the make up by Gordon Espinet for MAC walked the tight rope between make up and high art. Good on you Gordon you lovely Trini!!!! As usual the hair and make up looks all changed about 5 mins before the show but the guys were just pushed to genius mode by the pressure. Gordon used a rainbow palette of MAC paints from pastel blues, violets to forest greens on girls with all skin tones to shade and carve out the face. It looked amazing on the catwalk BUT please don't try this at home love- it's not what I would call translatable! Fabulous but not translatable. I also had a quick chat to Daisy Lowe and petted her cute white dog before her Dr Who boyfriend popped in to wish her luck.

The last show of the day was Matthew Williamson, which was at the Battersea Power station (there's always one person who needs to be random). Driving up to the backstage felt like MAD MAX 2, as it was a desolate concrete wasteland and as cars drove down, they kicked up huge dust balls Surreal is not the word, especially when you saw the fashion crowd walking down the dust track in their Louboutins WTF!

Once backstage, I chatted to my lovely mate and nail expert Andrea Fulerton who had custom blended a nail colour called Matthew for the show, which was a sheer cream with Gemstone overcoat, which dried matte. J'dore. I rushed home and put Andrea's Nail Boutique Gemstone overcoat over my Chanel Khaki Vert nails and it looks bloody trippy and cool will a touch of pink glitter bling on top. Well done Andrea! I chatted to the warm and friendly super  hair stylist Duffy for Clairol and the rather delicious make up artist James Kaliardos for L'Oreal Paris, who is living proof you can be super talented, successful and a wonderful human being without any Diva strops backstage! He created a look on the girls inspired by a girl who had been ship wrecked and the eyes and cheeks were all chic, shimmery, sheer and bronzed but in a warmed by the sun way and defo not warmed by a wag in heat slapping on the orange bronzer way (girl from X Factor with the spider lashes I am talking to you). Well done James! I then saw Sienna Miller styling Matthew Williamson's hair and having a giggle with him and I decided to have a chat with them. She was super sweet and told me she loved Matthew because he was an incredible friend and she loved his talent. Matthew told me his collection was a return to his origins and roots but Sienna butted in to say no the collection was inspired by meeeeeeeeeeee! They were a right giggle and really fun.

That's me done. I'm rocking on about 3 hours sleep a night. My next call time is 7 am again tomorrow boooyayyyyy, I laugh in your face LFW see you tomorrow morning with bells on!

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