Monday, 8 November 2010


I am obsessed with Daniel Hersheson, (not the gentleman himself that would be creepy and weird even though Mr Hersheson is a lovely man) but the empire of amazing salons and blow dry bars he has created and runs with his super talented session stylist son Luke Hersheson. Every time I walk into a Daniel Hersheson salon, I feel frazzled like the city has kicked my ass and like some kind of wild beast. When I walk out I feel groomed, chic and like a beauty journalist. Merci.

Daniel Hersheson salons attract the best talent such as Sibi is one of the best colourists not only in London but the world, James who I see for power blow dries that really last and is an afro hair expert (if you have curly, thick, rebellious hair always see an afro specialist they will laugh in the face of your curls, as it’s nothing to them compared to afro hair). The beauty department is also first class see Kully for the best threading (she will make you look as if you have had a brow lift) ever she has a host of A- list celebs who all rush to see her and also their mani/pedi bar, facials and treatments are fabulous.

As well as the salons in central London, Daniel Hersheson also have blow dry bars in Topshop, Oxford Circus, Westfield and now a new one in the city at One New Change, St Pauls EC4,  The blow dry bars are quite frankly genius. You can book on line or walk in for a cool up do or sexy blow dry from a smorgasbord of styles created by the Hershesons. You can walk in feeling a blah and walk out with a swing in your step and a smile on your face. The emotionally healing power and soothing elixir of a blow dry- can’t be explained but only felt, am I right? Can I get an Amen up in here.

Now the party season is fast coming upon us the Hersheson Blow Dry Bar is brilliant for those Wonder Woman esque moments when you need to twirl around (metaphorically) and go from office to dance floor diva in a flash. You can even try out the New Hair Accessories range, which includes Gagalicious hair bows, clip in fringes or Winges, plaits and hair extensions, which will leave you feeling all glamourous. Hurray for Hershesons!


  1. Ah but do they know the old silk scarf trick?

  2. Ha ha! Glad you are still using my trick and it's rocking your hair I can't live without it!


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