Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Oh Gwyneth love, what have you done? While basking in her glory collecting her Hollywood Star of Fame the other day Gwyneth, 38 looked shall we say slightly Pillow Faced like she had (allegedly) hit the botox and fillers a little too hard.

Gwyneth babe, I know it must be frustrating that you have 20 something year old hotties like Scarlett Johansson, all up in your grill but really turning to the pillow face is sooooo aging. Everyone can see you have had a little something done and it screams paranoia and an air like you really care about those 20 year old bitches trying to take your movie star crown. You know what, as Tyra Banks once said on America's Next Top Model, "I've done my starving". Yes Gwyneth you have been on a diet since you were probably 15 and you have even confessed you have early osteoporosis (probably caused by this extreme lifestyle) but you have 2 kids, a happy marriage and your star, the ultimate Hollywood stamp of approval- let it go. I think this picture does symbolise what a lot of women in their late 30s and 40s go through.

As a women you will have to give up your hot sex kitten crown at some time and pass it on either to the Scarletts of this world or your teenage daughter- but it will happen. All you have to do is go to Topshop on a Saturday to see mother's who should know better changing side by side with their teenage hot daughters competing and struggling to get into that ra ra skirt and skinny leggings while silently whispering to themselves, "I've still got it, I've still got it".

Women really can have it all but just not at the same time- trying to do so will drive you crazy. Enjoy your hot 20s, your career driven 30s, your mama years and your powerful 40s and 50s and the wisdom and peace of your 60s and 70s. You can be sensual and sexy at any age like Monica Bellucci (46) but in no way is she trying to be sexy like her 21 year old self. It's just naff and try hard. Gwyneth ditch the botox and fillers do a Dannii Minogue, the woman has never looked more beautiful because she is literally glowing from the inside out with the happiness, contentment and joy her new life and baby has given her and that is the ultimate anti - aging secret.


  1. thanks for the comment it's such a shame she messed with her face like this!

  2. Hi Ateh really liked this one, one of the best of yours, in my opinion I'll keep reading!
    Love Fiamma

  3. thank you so much! I do think it's a real problem and I think women should have a little more guts and self love and not tinker with themselves like this. She is so talented it's a shame

  4. Loved this Ateh. Such a positive post.
    Jay x

  5. Here here!!! I used to love Gwynneth, shame she has come to this!
    Zoe x

  6. thanks for all your lovely feedback so glad this post touched you all x


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