Thursday, 8 March 2012


Last night I was lucky enough to attend and film at Rodial Founder Maria Hatzistefanis'- Rodial Beautiful Awards at the Sanderson Hotel with my digital production company Couture communications, The Sanderson was packed with wall to wall celebs such as presenters and winners Yasmin Mills, Julian Mcdonald, Kelly Hoppen, Zara Martin, Elle Mcpherson, uber make up artist Charlotte Tilbury and Whitney "The Hills" Port. I got to chat to Whitney and interviewed her, she looked amazing in Julian Mcdonald. I had to fight the urge to chat to her like I knew her as I lovvved "The Hills" but I resisted the urge. She showed me the contents of her bag as she loves Rodial's Glam Balm.

I also chatted with the ridiculously warm and funny Yasmin Le Bon who won an award for Classic Beauty. The woman looks amazing and natural and is super cool. I asked her if she did Voodoo to keep herself looking so good! I also met the legend that is Elle Mcpherson, who didn't disappoint as well as being everything you would imagine and more she was stunning, switched on and fabulous. When we took a photo together she went into full on supermodel mode and was busting some looks. I was totally blown away she's a true icon (p.s. having your picture taken with Elle Mcpherson is not for the faint hearted people).

I also chatted to Kelly Hoppen and asked her how she kept her curls looking so glossy and defined and soft, all the ladies reading with curly hair will know what I'm talking about and she told me her secret was Kevin Murphy products, I love Kevin's Leave-in.Luxury conditioner, which is fantastic and nourishing for frizzy, thick hair.

Thank you Maria for a wonderful evening!

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