Thursday, 30 August 2012


Back in the day I used to be able to party all night (on a podium bumping and grinding I might add thank you very much) and the next day I would look as fresh as daisy all shiny and taut and glossy- like only a 19 year old can look and by the way I never appreciated this fact at the time. I used to slick on a touch of MAC's Face and Body Foundation (a mere whisper of a sheer foundation used and loved by celebs- very good as body make up and on legs too). Alas these days are gone. While in Topshop (where I know I have no business shopping these days),  I look at the little batty riders and sigh for my days in the sun. A decade and a half later, after twin girls and running my business as well as writing mama needs a little more help to look all glowy and fresh faced. People can become delusional over many things whether it's doing dad dancing at a wedding thinking you look like the dog's bullocks, pulling on those jeans from 1999 while breathlessly saying, " it will fit,  it will fit. For me my delusions are totally beauty related. Until recently, I was still looking at the light weight mositurisers that I used to wear  until at 4am the other night during a nappy change I caught sight of my tired reflection, which was a huge wake up call to get with the programme and up the power and potency of my skincare. I love a good serum me it's like a facial cocktail of goodness to help strengthen and treat the skin before the protecting and cocooning nature of a moisturiser. With my 30s "not in denial" skincare hat on I'm lovin' Chanel's Hydra Beauty Serum, it has a velvety decadent texture and harnesses the protective power of the antioxidant blue ginger, which feels very grown up and leaves the skin looking very uniform and soothed. Clarins Hydraquench Intensive Serum Bi-phase also leaves my skin feeling very dewy and plump. I also have to give a shout out to Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Eye Recovery complex. This is fab if you want some anti- aging protective properties but like me you a combination skin type as the gel texture feels like it's doing something without being too gloopy and sticky. Finally, nothing spells healthy skin like glossy, glowing skin and I love L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminize Super Serum for helping my skin find it's inner light. The best products make you feel like you are blessed with Kate Moss cheekbones and every little turn of your face catches the light and spits back a sexy glow.  Fabulous! Check out the film below my company Couture Communications, produced of the Behind the Scenes L'Oreal Paris Youth code shoot.

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  1. That was funny! Thanks for the tips - mid 30s, two kids and a job makes for less than radiant skin. I can't rely on the 'black con't crack' adage for much longer!


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