Friday, 15 February 2013


Growing up I loved movies and make up. So for me my rock and roll stars were and still are make up artists. To this day I get very excited when I meet my make up heroes and I had so much fun filming with the fabulous make up artist and Lancome's UK Make- Up Ambassador Alex Babsky. Lancome has just launched their latest foundation with the most delicious skin care benefits enriched with Vitamin CG that help to not only conceal but correct your skin imperfections such as dark spots, pores and wrinkles. The foundation comes in a rather nifty 2 parts with a mirror and concealer on the top half and a liquid foundation on the bottom half. The fact it comes in 18 shades (I'm shade number 13 lucky for me) makes me want to cry. Finally major brands are realising that catering to everyone is what it's all about. I'm turning 35 this year and the fact that the past 18 months has been the first time in my life I have had a wardrobe of foundations all in my shade without having to mix and get the correct 2-3 shades is shocking and both a relief. I say BRAVO Lancome and congrats on a really innovative and fabulous new foundation. Check out the films below to get Alex's top tips on how to choice the perfect shade for your skin tone, apply foundation and also conceal and perfect your skin using the new Teint Visionnaire!

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