Sunday, 1 February 2009

Cappuccinos, Christie’s and Colour

I was out having coffee today with some girlfriends, as we said our goodbyes, the most beautiful snow storm began to come down in sheets. The Siberian winds made my face ache so badly that I was forced to seek shelter in the nearby Christie’s showroom.

Once I regained the feeling in my face and fingers, I noticed that they had a free Post war & Contemporary Art exhibition on - www.christie’ I was blown away by all the colours and textures of some of the pieces. I have always loved pops of bright intense colour in my make up as it’s the easiest way to cheer yourself up and add some glamour and va va voom to any look, whatever the climate, whether it’s the sub zero weather outside your door or the sub zero balance on your bank statement.

Like a magpie, my eyes went straight for a painting of a woman, which was an explosion of neon pinks, reds and greens by the Chinese artist Feng Zhengjie - it reminded me of Jack Nicholson’s look in ‘Batman’. I also loved the deep chalky blue on Yves Klein’s sculpture, a David-esque statue, which looks like it has been vandalised by some hoodies but in a good way!

As I moved around the art space I realised how similar the colours are in Bobbi Brown’s new ‘Bright’s Palette’, my latest make up obsession. The packaging is the most delicious thing I have clapped my eyes on in a long time and it makes me smile every time I open it. I think it’s like a form of colour therapy. I love the fact the palette has colours for every skin tone and taste from sunset oranges to blues and greens straight out of a Brazilian rain forest. I walked out of the gallery warmed up and revitalised and even though I knew I couldn’t afford the price tags on any of the art pieces, I knew I had a little masterpiece waiting at home. Bobbi Brown I salute you.


  1. Hi Ateh, loving the blogs. I hadn't yet come across Bobbi Brown's new make up palette, it sounds divine- just what I like- every colour you could possibly want all in one place- functional yet gorgeous.
    I have a completely off- the- track question though- A close friend mine who's getting married in the summer has asked me to arrange her Hen day. Naturally I am all excited about planning the myriad of lovely things we can all do. The general concensus amongst all those coming is to include a beauty/ spa treatment aspect to the proceedings. Considering past Hen days of other lovely girlfriends it seems to me that manicures may be the most practical solution. I was wondering if you have any suggestions of nice places we could visit in central London? Thanks again Ateh, Nell x

  2. Hi Nell,
    Beauty treatments where you can all sit around, chat and have a giggle is a good way to go with a hen day. Mani/Pedis are fabulous for breaking the ice as there's a chance some of you guys may not know each other. I love the Leighton Denny Nail Studio in Urban Retreat Harrods, Leighton is celebrity nail expert who has worked with Joan Collins, Jade Jagger and Kate Moss. The space is light and airy where you can have lots of champagne and nibbles while all sitting in pedicure chairs. Another idea is getting in touch with Balance Being,, who have multi talented therapists who can provide facials, indian head massages, tarot card reading, Reiki and crystal healing to create a tailor made beauty experience for you and your friends. Have fun !!!!
    Love Atehx

  3. Hi Ateh,

    Keeping up the good work I see! My latest obsession is checking all my cosmetics and products for parabens in the ingredients. Do you think we'll see a day when these are totally removed from all products? And can you recommend any paraben-free brands? I like Neil's Yard, and Balm Balm. Any others?


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