Sunday, 15 February 2009

Eyeliner Question from Daph

Dear Ateh,
I use a pencil eyeliner but I am not pleased with the result - I find that it is smudged and the outline of the eyes is not even as one eye is more pronounced than the other. As a mature woman is it better to use a liquid eyeliner or can you give me tips on using a pencil as I prefer not to use liquids.
Many Thanks

Hi Daph,
Thanks for your question. I love eyeliners as they give your eyes definition and when used on the upper eyelid can give your lashes more volume. As a fabulous older woman I would suggest sticking to a super soft eyeliner pencil as this gives a less harsh finish. Also jet black can look quite severe for everyday, so try experimenting with other colours such as dark browns, sables, taupes on fair skin tones and dark violets, dark greens and dark greys and slates on darker skin tones. I love Dior’s Crayon Eyeliner in Deep Brown or Precious Violet, which comes with a blending tip so you can smudge and gently blend the colour. Rimmel also do great pencils which won’t drag the skin – try the Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Sable Brown or Stormy Grey. For a touch of fun why not try metallic? Shu Uemura do a delicious soft liner called Drawing Pencil in Metallic Brown. When it comes to applying eyeliner it can be daunting but try resting your elbow on a table and with the mirror in front of you draw on the liner in small strokes until you build up to a full line. If you have small eyes try only lining the outer corner and drag the line out to elongate the eye area and give the illusion of larger eyes. Practice makes perfect so keep going for it and have fun!!!

Love Ateh

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