Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Eye Make Up Remover Question from Kim

I also really enjoyed the exhibition! Did you see the tall boots with embroidered lions and bows? I just wanted to reach into the cabinet and take them home, they would look great with skinny jeans! Thanks for the great cleanser tips, it is such an under rated product but can make all the difference to your skincare. As a dedicated eye liner wearer what eye makeup remover would you recommend?

Thank you for your comments Kim yes it was amazing and alot of those boots would look fabulous on the catwalk today! When it comes to eye make up removers I love Chantecaille's Rose Eye make up Remover. The non drying formula soothes and calms with honey, aloe vera, Chamomile and nourishing rosewater.

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  1. Ateh we LOVE SolarOil - great choice!! Look Book on the way and don't forget nail styles and colour for A/W 09 too xox
    Samantha Sweet


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