Sunday, 22 February 2009

How do you use Colour Correctors?

Alot of makeup brands have colour correctors that are meant to go under your foundation, how exactly do these work and is it to be used with your concealer?

Thanks for the question Michelle. Using colour correctors has been a beauty secret make up artists have used for years. Green tints neutralizes redness, lavender helps give sallow complexions a glow while pink gives warmth to most skin tones.

By Terry have a fab product called Preciosity highlighting Primer Serum, which has a pink iridescent colour and uses natural pearl extract and can be used under foundation to make your skin glow. I use it instead of foundation mixed with my moisturizer. Bobbi Brown’s Eye Brightener comes in 4 shades and can be used instead of concealer to banish tired grey and blueness under the eyes. Estee Lauder’s face primer Plus Color Correcting Base has made life even easier as this primer has yellow and gold tints and chamomile to help calm and neutralize redness. Have fun.

Love Ateh xxx

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