Thursday, 2 April 2009


What a lovely piece Ateh... you are so right about memory and smell. I have kept one of my grandmothers lovely silk scarves tucked away and every now and then I bury my face in it and breathe in her wonderful old-fashioned floral perfume. Its more 'her' than any photographs I have...

On another note - I hadn't even thought about perfume for my wedding though - eek, two weeks to go. I like quite spicy perfumes - but are they really 'wedding-y' enough?!

Dear Zoe,
Thank you for sharing your beautiful fragrance and memory moment! As for your wedding if spicy, sexy, Orientals are your favourite then wear them on your wedding day. When it comes to weddings the jig is up for most of us who are not going to come down the aisle blushing virgins! So wear what you feel comfortable in, will delight in wearing again and what your fiancé will recognise as being the sensual Oriental loving woman he fell in love with.

I love Orientals as well and as your fragrance sister I love Annick Goutal’s Grand Amour, which has warming amber, vanilla, Turkish rose and white lily. Goutal also do a fabulously spicy fragrance Encens Flamboyant Godron, which is filled with spices such as sage, frankincense, cardamom and nutmeg incense.

Miller Harris’ Fleur Oriental
, is also a heady sensual fragrance, which will get your fiancĂ©’s heart fluttering as you walk up the aisle with amber, vanilla, musk and spicy carnation and romantic Turkish rose.

Finally, Guerlain’s iconic Shalimar has been re -imagined as a lighter fresher version- Eau de Shalimar. This romantic and enticing scent contains jasmine, rose, powdery iris with sparkling citrus top notes.

Good luck with your wedding!!!! Also a quick wedding tip- DON'T try any new beauty products as you don’t want any surprise break outs and rashes, stick with your beauty regime, drink lots of water, get loads of sleep if you can and have a magical time!

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