Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Last Thursday, at the Dorchester I was lucky enough to be invited with a handful of other beauty journalists to meet a living legend – Ms Mariah Carey ahhhh. In my time I have met a few stars, there was the time at the Baftas George Clooney stepped on my foot and was very apologetic and gave me a squeeze but nothing- I mean nothing compares to the Diva of all Divas. She is the most successful female artist of all time with her 5-octave voice, 18 number one singles with only the Beatles having more and over 175 million album sales. Was she late – yes. Did we care – No! When Mariah floated into the room there was a respectful hush but I was very over excited and gave her a little wave and said Hiiiiiiii!!!!! Mariah was very warm, bubbly and waved back and you could tell she knows her world is packed full of fabulousity and a little crazy but she seems to be in on the joke and drama.

Mariah was there to launch her new fragrance Forever, which is a feminine floral mix of tuberose and gardenia, which has exclusively launched on Boots.com and in Boots nationwide from 4th Jan 2010. Mariah had a little chat with us where she said she is really involved with the whole process of creating the perfume and sees them as a luxury every woman can have for herself. After that it was time for our photo call where she said to me, "see you at the photagggge". As we had our picture taken, she was so cool and funny and told me the boots she was wearing were from Giuseppe. It took all my self discipline and shame not to belt out Vision of Love or Hero to her but after my time with Mariah I can tell you she was a true superstar and left me wanting to be her BFF Forever.


  1. What a thrill! Great account of your brush with stardom. I am still dining out on meeting Paris Hilton at the very same venue, the Dorchester, but while Mariah sounds like she's in on the joke, Paris seemed to just drift through it all. Charming, but not really in Mariahs league, is she? x

  2. How fabulous! I'm so jealous Ateh!

  3. Thanks guys! She was fabulous and so lovely to hang out with a warm, hard working and super talented Diva!


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