Thursday, 26 November 2009

Tis' the season to be Foxy

Oh it’s party season again and it’s a chance to whip out a hot beauty look and channel your inner Beyonce on the dance floor as well as snog a random from the accounts department at your office Christmas party. Oh joy……

Anyway when it comes to your make up look you don’t have to make any toe curling mistakes, as you can perfect the timeless and killer look of shimmering eyes and a perfect pout. I know for many the thought of party make up sends a shiver of fear down the spine. However, if you know the basic beauty rules of picking the right shades and application techniques you will look red carpet ready instead of being mistaken for a hooker who has had a punch up while waiting for the night bus. Once you master your go to party look it can become as faithful pair of your favourite Louboutin heels. Check out this genius video on choosing and applying party make up from The Body Shop and their celebrity make up artist Chase Aston for great tips. Remember practice makes perfect so have a few goes at your look before you hit the party circuit.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!

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