Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Ok, please don’t think I’m a freak but I have never liked the Summer. When I tell people this I usually get confronted with open mouthed shock and stares, which seem to say, “ohhh she’s a wrongin’ I bet she likes to hurt puppies”. I have never liked summer as a season that much, even as a child. In summer most people who really should know better are out in tight unforgiving skimpy mid riff baring tops with their muffin tops proudly on display for all the world to see (put it away love, please) and with sandals and unpedicured feet (I’m sorry I can be a beauty snob when it comes to that sort of thing- if you have your feet out for god sake give them a good going over with a foot file). Women with layers of skanky badly applied day glow fake tan, which would put Lindsey Lohan to shame are on every street corner (especially Oxford Circus outside of Topshop) and random old men think it’s acceptable to take their tops off and wonder around central London scaring the tourists and people’s personal hygiene seems to go out of the window, leaving me gagging when I’m on the tube or bus. Am I wrong?

Now Autumn, oh me amour. I love Autumn /Winter and spring but especially Autumn. I love walks in the park all snuggled up in cosy cashmere and scarves with a coffee in one hand and a crisp breeze licking my face. I love the Autumnal palette out goes acid neons (to be fair I do love these) and in comes regal jewel tones, burnished coppers and bronzes and rich deep tones, which I love. I also love Fashion week and the giddy feeling I get in anticipation of seeing the new ideas and styles we will see for spring (I’m sorry I won’t acknowledge the summer bit in S/S). I just think Autumn is a more chic season everyone looks fabulous in layers, A/W make up and people seem to take note and care of their skin in a back to school sort of way so every seems to glow a bit. For me I associate Jersey Shore with summer it’s in ya face and a little bit too much.

Anyway, September is always a really exciting time for me as it rings in the beginning of autumn. I am even more excited this September as Dior are launching their new nail polish Dior Vernis in Bronze Libertine, £17, exclusively available from Selfridges Oxford Street, www.selfridges.com, from the 6th September. It was seen backstage at their A/W show as you can see above and is mouth wateringly delicious. It looks really glamourous on all skin tones no BS and especially on darker skin tones. It has a metallic sheen and looks great on both fingers and toes. If you’re mourning the end of summer (unlike me) then get yourself down to Selfridges Oxford Street for a bottle as it will put a smile back on your face and make you glad to see the first falling autumn leaves.


  1. I tend to be a dark red, burgundy and wine girl in autumn....hmm this one looks interesting, not sold on me yet, but I'll definitely have a look at it when it launches.

    Hope you're well sweetie!

  2. Your comment 惠NorrisBradwell041花 made me smile thank you so much for the compliment it says.......

    "Thanks for the tasty chicken soup for the soul "

  3. Thank you SadeRa盈君iford0412 for your kind comment, which translated

    says..." Lovely blog and all the best!"

    I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog please do spread the word I'm so excited to get readers from Hong Kong and China!

  4. Thank you 孫邦柔 for your comment which says, "The darkest time is always just before Dawn......when you're facing a tough situation that's when you're very close to success".

    You're right Autumn is almost here I will hang on in there !

  5. thanks Bella Queen! I know what you need I love my Essie Berry Hard and all those Rouge Noir esque colours they look really good on darker skin as well! But if you are feeling a bit blahhhhhhhhh with your usual palette give this a go it might be your new favourite shade- it's like a suped up nude on darker skin!!!!

    Speak soon,
    Ateh x

  6. Berry Hard, OPI's I'm not really a waitress, those are my go to colours. But I could make a deviation, I like the sound of suped up :-)

  7. I'm so with you on the autumn thing. Not only is it a nicer time of year, I'm also an October baby so it's birthday time with long-term positive associations. Can't wait for the leaves to start turning.

  8. Thanks for the comment Sarah!!! I'm glad I'm
    not alone my A/W make up and clothes are winking at me! The leaves turning is stunning and being a birthday girl in Oct must be fab it's a warm up to the Christmas party season!

  9. Thanks Bella Queen I haven't tried that OPI one must check it out!


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