Monday, 2 August 2010


Ahhhh hello August. I can’t believe it’s high summer already. For all those of you jetting off on your summer hols it’s a good time to start thinking about your sun protection and if the sun makes another appearance in London, it will probably be this month. Now what to do about sun protection is still a big bone of contention. What factor do you use, should you bother using it at all? Celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow have also thrown in a curve ball in sun protection as she has been talking about being ordered to get more sunshine to help her osteopenia (the early stage of the bone disease osteoporosis).

Now when it comes to sun protection I am vain. The thought of not using anything and frying in the sun is nuts to me and I’m black. Screw skin cancer (for obvious reasons) but as well as not dying for the sake of a tan I don’t think it's a good look resembling a mashed up Hermes crocodile handbag. For anyone seriously not using sun protection just look at Jordan. I do love Jordan she’s a grafter, I love a grafter. However, her looks have been ruined by fillers, botox and her love of sunbeds. She’s 32 but looks like Janice Dickinson’s (who is 55) randy twin.

To stay sun safe make sure to stay out of the sun from 11-3pm when the sun is highest and hottest in the skin. My mother is from the Caribbean and like all people from the sun she has an innate respect for it and carries an umbrella to shade her skin from the sun. I used to laugh at her but she now gets hit on for 30 year men who think she’s the same age -the woman is 64! Love it.

Also when choosing the right sun protection look for products with 5 * UVA protection and those that protect against UVA and UVB damage. When it comes to sun damage remember UVA equals A for aging and UVB is for B for burning. As well as protecting the skin against burning with UVB protection (the red lobster effect) it’s also really important to go full spectrum and protect against UVA damage as this will help prevent premature aging, skin roughness and wrinkles.

Like hotels, 5* protection offers the highest and best levels of protection. Have fun this summer but also be sun safe x

p.s. this is Alex Reid as Roxy being Jordan their love life must be interesting (I couldn't help myself). 


  1. Many people I know don't like the idea of bringing umbrella at work or anywhere. But for me, really know its value since it is really a basic protection from the sun's heat, right?

  2. thanks for the comment I totally agree. In hotter climates people have more respect for the sun and do what they can to stay safe. Hopefully it will catch on!


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