Friday, 23 October 2009


Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to see Spandau Ballet’s last concert at the 02 with the lovely ladies from the Elizabeth Arden press office to celebrate the launch of their limited edition 80s inspired Eight Hour Cream skin protectant and Lip Protectant stick. The 02 was packed with women who all still had crushes and the boys didn’t disappoint. They gave it some welly and I was so impressed and shocked they actually played their own instruments. I am so used to not expecting pop stars to be able to actually sing and I counted Steve Norman the blonde sax playing one played 5 instruments!

As a child of the the 80s its fab to see this era has come back in a major way with Cheryl Cole’s new video 'Fight for this love' referencing the hard core blush applied on the temples to Rihanna’s updated Grace Jones high top hair and Balmain’s shoulder pads, which put Joan Collins to shame. Last night was a lovely nostalgic 80s trip when more is more.

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