Monday, 7 December 2009


I have 3 loves in my life beauty, history and film. Last night I was able to mix 2 of these loves as I was invited by MAC to the British Independent Film Awards held at The Brewery near the Barbican. Talented MAC make up artists created the make up looks for Rosamund Pike and Eva Green (who looked like goddesses) and MAC also sponsored the best actress award.

I was so excited to go and be on cheerleading duty as my husband had been nominated for Best Short Film, which he produced and stars Sir Derek Jacobi and Rupert Evans. The night was very relaxed, low key and fun. Daniel Day Lewis and Michael Caine were both honoured with achievement awards and received a standing ovation. I saw Daniel Day Lewis crying, when a poem written by his father celebrating his birth was read out before he received his award. I love him even more. I wanted to shout “stay alive and I will find you”, a hot immortal line he said in the fantastic movie ‘Last of the Mohicans’, (which my husband calls girl porn). However, I bottled it and used my inside voice instead. I did also meet Stephen Frears a legendary director who discovered Daniel Day Lewis 25 years ago and cast him in, ‘My Beautiful Laundrette’ and also presented him with his award. Frears also directed ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ one of my favourite films of all time. Check out the powdered wigs, peach stained lips and rouge, its 18th century beauty always captivated me. He was lovely and really warm and funny. I told him this film really inspired me and brought lots of beauty to my childhood, it was really embarrassing but heartfelt. Thank you MAC x

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