Monday, 7 December 2009


I’m a huge fan of solid perfumes, as there is something sensual and ritualistic about rubbing your pulse points and décolleté with the fragrance loaded balm. With the Christmas party season in full swing, slinging a solid fragrance in your handbag and slicking on some perfume will make you feel totally pulled together and groomed even if you have come straight from the office. I am loving Diptyque’s new solid perfume in Philosykos. This warming perfume is inspired by Greece and uses all of the fig tree from the roots, bark and fruit laced with white cedar. If you like deep woody, heady fragrances you will love this. It drives my husband nuts as it reminds him of his childhood which was filled with fun summers spent running around pine forests and figs trees in Menorca, where his family have a second home.

I am also a massive Miller Harris fan as she really does capture a mood or location in a bottle in a unique and complex way. Check out her Geranium Bourbon Solid balm made from 100 % natural oils, which was inspired by an English garden after the rain. The blend of Turkish rose, cassis berries and lemon geranium will leave you feeling sophisticated and comforted and also slightly smug as other people won’t be able to work out what you are wearing.

For sheer fabulousity I have to say I also really like the Marc Jacobs LOLA solid perfume ring. This cocktail ring will look great with any party outfit but also reveals a secret stash of solid perfume with top notes of fresh ruby red grapefruit, pink peppercorn, peony and base notes of creamy and warm vanilla, tonka bean and musk.

Grab a solid fragrance for a touch of glamour…….

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