Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Like a doctor, I often get asked personal questions especially skincare and make up recommendations. That's the power of beauty. It really breaks down social barriers. You can be chatting to a stranger at a function or cocktail party about the weather or falling house prices and the next minute you are telling them their perfect foundation shade is Punjab by NARS, which they scribble on a napkin. I love the universal language of beauty. Someone recently asked me for a good skin brightening product to help fade pigmentation and hydrate combination skin, which had turned dry and flaky with the bad weather. I am loving Cosmetics a la Carte's Rose Elixir. This light oil is packed full of organic rose hip oil, grape seed oil and skin protecting vitamin E, which is rich in essential fatty acids and helps to deeply nourish tired, dull and dehydrated skin. Many women with combination skin like me can get dehydrated, which is a lack of water in the skin rather than having a dry skin condition. I really loved using this oil and found it even faded a new scar I had on my hand really quickly. Grab a bottle for glowing skin.


  1. This sounds really good, and will be just perfect for my current misbehaving skin. Thanks Dr Ateh. xxx


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