Monday, 29 March 2010


The French have a saying, that with the change of every season you should have a facial. Well I have a new saying, “with the change of the season and if you’re feeling really blahhhhh about your look, go and see Sibi at Daniel Hersheson for a Hair Manicure, from £75, tel. 0207 201 8797”.

When I’m beauty bored, I find it very hard not to tinker with myself and I have to fight the urge to do something stupid and drastic.  I’m growing my hair, which will take forever as my afro hair grows about 1/4 inch a month. Back in the day my beauty boredom would normally lead me to say to my hair stylist,  “screw it -give me a scattered pixie crop nowwwwww please!” However, I have grown emotionally and am resisting the urge for the big chop. When I was in university my beauty boredom reached an all time low and lead me to tiger stripped highlights. I'm talking orange and blonde stripy highlights in the front with my jet black hair colour at the back. As soon as I saw the results, I knew I should have had a manicure instead but I caved in to the beauty boredom. In the end, my hair broke off from the double dip of relaxing and peroxide -a mistake I will never make again.

I see beauty boredom all the time when I sit in salons with sunny blondes going goth biker chick black. I also see women with Jerry Hall long locks chopping it all off for a cheap thrill, which ends in tears as soon as their hair hits the floor. I feel their pain but don't give in. If you know your look is working but your feeling a bit blahhhhh, try a Hair manicure instead.

Sibi Bolan at Daniel Hersheson is one of the most talented colourists I know. She works her magic on a number of A- List celebs and is responsible for Billie Piper’s gorgeous warm blonde look. Like a nail manicure, Sibi’s hair manicure uses AHAs to gently buff and smooth the hair’s surface for an even colour result and then a clear (or you can have a bit of temporary colour) glossing and conditioning treatment packed full of plant extracts is put on. This just pumps up your natural colour or highlights. You get the thrill of doing something to your hair but it actually conditions and works with your look instead of trashing it. Book in today to beat beauty boredom!


  1. ... I can’t imagine you with tiger stripped hair!!! My all time low was bloody mullet – I can’t even bare to think about it!! xo

    Samantha Sweet, Creative Nail Design

  2. Ha ha we all have dodgy hair styles in the back of our beauty closet! Does anyone else have any hair horrors they would like to share???

  3. I have been meaning to email you for weeks just to say how much I love these emails. They always make me smile – my favourite one recently was the one about you in the cab going to smart hotels and the drivers sometimes thinking / implying you were a working lady … hilarious!

  4. Thanks Jen! My blog is an absolute pleasure and joy to write and I really appreciate that! Lots of people have emailed and posted comments about that Black Cab Beauty post I think lots of women can't look at taxi drivers in the same way ever again!


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