Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Now I have never been down with the kids or was ever part of the cool crew at school. When my friends at 17 started getting inked with dinky daisy tattoos on their hips and Japanese symbols with meanings like life, peace and destiny -it really wasn’t for me.

However, I can say at the age 31 I was incredible over excited to visit Chanel’s new counter at Selfridges last week, which is a recreation of the barn seen at the Chanel S/S 10 catwalk where Lilly Allen performed. At the show Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of Chanel Makeup came up with the rather fabulous idea of creating and sending the girls out on the catwalk with temporary Chanel inspired tattoos. Now these tattoos called Les Trompe L’oeil de Chanel, £49 for 55 individual tattoos, call 0207493 3836 for stockist details, last up to five days on the skin. You might sniff at the price but it’s Chanel baby and these ain’t no tramp stamps but are ethereal and terribly chic. I love the chain and pearl ones, which I had put on. I am sure these will be super coveted and will fly out of the Chanel barn.

After my initial high of having my tattoo applied (like when you were a kid you just transfer it with water) the inevitable happened. I was feeling like the dog’s bollocks and then I stepped out of the barn and tripped over and to my amazement slid and glided for a good metre across the polished floor of the beauty hall. I was wearing a super soft cashmere coat and I think this helped my glide and I was also wearing baggy jeans, which ended up in me somehow managing to moon everyone around me- reminding me that like the Chanel tattoos my coolness is also very temporary.

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