Wednesday, 31 March 2010


You would think being Johnny Depp's baby mama would be enough to smile about but Vanessa (Joe Le taxi) Paradis has landed a dream gig of being the face of the delicious new Rouge Coco lipstick range. It’s not the first time she has inspired Mr Karl Lagerfeld. Does anyone else remember her amazing Coco Chanel ad where she is a whistling bird like creature swinging in a cage being watched by a cat from 1992? No I’m not on crack- it was a genius TV campaign check it out on Youtube!

Now this is lipstick for lip gloss fans, as it’s super creamy with a melting balm like texture with lip moisturizing and loving meadowfoam oil extract. With Chanel you always get quality and the pigments are really punched up and looks great on all skin tones. I am wearing the deep purple Rouge Noir one at the moment and love the fact it doesn’t look ashy and washed out on me (it’s a real problem getting deep enough lip shades and pigments for darker skin tones).

Loads of my friends can’t be bothered with lipstick or gloss as reapplying is a big pain the ass but to that I will quote Mademoiselle Chanel herself and she said, “If we agree that eyes are the mirror of the soul, why not also admit that lips are the mouthpiece of the heart?” I hear you sister – so give your lips some respect and take the time to reapply a decadent lip colour that will make you feel like Grace Kelly in Hitchcock’s ‘To Catch a Thief’.

The new lipsticks also have that very grown up and luxurious thing of being slightly scented and I’m not talking about being bubble gum or coconut flavoured like some girly lip glosses but scented for a lady with a fresh bouquet of rose, raspberry and a hint of vanilla. The packaging has a satisfying weight and click to the lid, which makes me get a bit over excited and the great range of shades will get you coming back for more. I love it!


  1. Ateh - I am a huge Chanel fan in every sense. I love the Coco Rouge lipsticks and the packaging which (whether we admit it or not) does matter...

    When I was 15 I first inhaled Coco on a friend and I begged my mum for a bottle. She relented but said we had to share it. Needsless to say - it stayed in my bedroom and has been with me ever since - my absolute favorite!

    Also in the words of Coco Chanel:
    In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be diffferent!

    She was a legend!

    Samantha Sweet - Sweet Squared

  2. Thanks Samantha!!!!I That's the power of Chanel and fragrances they really get into your psyche and are a big part of what many of us find chic, sophisticated and being a grown up woman thanks for sharing!!!
    Speak soon,
    Ateh x

  3. Ateh Ateh Ateh I LOVE your blogs
    they are so brilliant, funny, clever and natural.

    Alice du Parcq
    Beauty Editor / Features Editor
    Condé Nast Brides

  4. Thanks Alice! They are a pleasure to write and do come from the heart!

  5. I'm french and I'm doing a marketing and communication report about Rouge Coco in the UK, do you know which store propose these chanel products, and if there is advertising about their in your country and where are they?

    Thanks a lot for any answer :)


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