Thursday, 10 June 2010


I’ve always loved Natalie Portman and it’s really exciting that she has been named as Dior’s new face. As an Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winning actress Miss Portman started young at 13 in1994 with her beguiling, hypnotic and slightly disturbing turn as a Lolita esque character in Luc Besson’s brilliant movie 'Leon'.

She is the epitome of class and is a fab choice for Dior. Her diverse roles in the Star Wars trilogy, Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’ and Woody Allen’s ‘Everyone says I love you’ show she’s got the range, darling.

I love the fact Natalie Portman also made that sometimes painful transition from child star to big girl movie girls with dignity and also without a smack habit or images of her rolling out of clubs half cut (are you listening Lindsey?). 

She’s also got her education with a degree in psychology from Harvard university. Bravo Dior!

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