Thursday, 24 June 2010


I want to a say a huge congratulations to Susan Harmsworth, Founder and CEO of ESPA for the MBE she has so deservedly been awarded by the Queen. I love Sue as she is a generous, driven, warm and formidable woman and is a complete inspiration to me. Not only has she forged a beauty Empire with the delicious ESPA skin care and body care products and spas but she did it all while raising a family and was successful in both endeavours. It gives me hope as a woman and also for the next generation (did you hear that you WAG wannabes) to see such a glittering example.

Some of my favourite spa experiences have been ESPA treatments. The spas are dotted in glamorous locations around the world and in the UK and are breathtaking with black slate and will make you whip out your camera phone for inspiration for your own humble bathroom. I love the bespoke aspect of the treatments as you book time instead of having to fit into a rigid timetable. You never have therapists tuk at you, as what you want is not on the menu. In ESPA land I can indulge, as I am a complete massage junkie and love having 2 hour full on massages- amazing.

I also love ESPA’s Soothing Body Oil, £28 for 100ml and Soothing Bath Oil, £25 for 100ml, Years ago I co-wrote a fashion guide called ‘Where to Wear’, and I had loads of nights writing into the wee hours. To stop me having a nervous breakdown my husband would lovingly rub ESPA’s Soothing Body Oil into my shoulders at 3am and tell me to keep going. The oil is laced with relaxing and comforting frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood and is better than any valium or prozac you could pop. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the healing powers of essential oils needs to take a hit of those bad boys.

Anyway, I want to salute you Sue congratulations and see you soon. You are a fabulous Dame indeed.


  1. Thanks for the comment yes I love both Sue and her fabulous ESPA especially all the bath and body products and massages!!!!

  2. 與人相處不妨多用眼睛說話,多用嘴巴思考,....................................................................

  3. Thanks for the comment the translations is .........

    "If you want to get along with people, always remember to talk to people by your eyes (make full use of your eye contact), think by your mouth ( think twice before acting"


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