Thursday, 28 January 2010


I love Guerlain skincare because it’s works and gives you that butterflies in the stomach feeling with the packaging, which always looks like a precious jewel and makes you feel like a grown up woman. Guerlain have just launched 4 new products part of the Super Aqua range for dry, thirsty skin coming out on the 27th Feb, but I love these 2! I love the new Super Aqua- Day Triple Protective Shield, SPF 30, £45, a day cream with a pump (so much more hygienic and less messy than a jar I think), which is really hydrating but not sticky. Even with a high SPF, it doesn’t leave a white or bluish film on the skin, which is really annoying especially for darker skin tones like me. The fluid texture leaves a soft, comforting feeling on the skin but you can put your make up on straight away, nice. If you have an oily or combination skin, I don’t think this is for you but our drier skin type sisters will love it.


  1. I am a fan of Guerlain skin care and like you I find that it really works. Butterflies, no tranquilty yes, puts me in a relaxing mood. Yes the packaging is attractive and looks good in any room.

    I look forward to using the Super Aqua range!

  2. Wow! I loveee Guerlain and I will need a new day cream soon so just in time to try the new Super Aqua Day Triple Protective Sheild SPF 30.

    Ateh Your blog is so informative and fun; I look forward to reading it and getting the latest on products as I don't always have the time to browse in the shops... so well done you!!!


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