Friday, 29 January 2010


I'm having a beauty moment, I am loving all things Narssssss. Yesterday I went to the launch of their S/S 10 colours and also the launch of wait for it – Orgasm Illuminator – a liquid orgasm. The product lives up to its name with the amount of owwws and ahhhs heard from the fellow beauty journalists. You know a product is amazing when a room full of beauty girls who have really seen it all are gagging to get their hands on it. There was lots of smearing on of the product and full make overs using the new collection.

The original Nars Orgasm powder blush is an iconic product and is loved by millions but like me, many of my friends with Asian, Iranian and darker skin tones find the powder blush a bit too orange. It makes me look like an angry African dictator’s wife in London for a spot of shopping with some embezzled US dollars.

However, I can report the new Orgasm Illuminator looks amazing on darker skin tones with more peach and golden tones, which makes you look really fresh faced and well rested like when you were 19 and could go clubbing all night and look hot the next day. It even has skin friendly ingredients like anti-aging Indian frankincense and raspberry and black currant, which are packed full of anti oxidants. The illuminator is very versatile, you can pat it on the cheeks as a blush, on cheekbones to highlight, under the eyebrow, mixed with your foundation or even just above the eye brows near your hairline to give yourself a brow lift. A little goes a long way so take it easy and remember to build up the illuminator a little bit at a time. At £21 the illuminator does feel expensive but I think it’s one of those products you will use everyday and it will take ages to get through, so like an fashion investment piece it actually works out quite economically. Grab your tube from Space NK, from the 18th Feb where it will be launched exclusively until it rolls out nationwide from the 1st March.

What do you guys think? Will you be rushing to get yourself an Orgasm illuminator?


  1. OMG Ateh, if I remember, I will totally be pre-ordering this. I'm sure it will sell-out immediately. It's also good to know that it works for most skin tones. Love it x

  2. Yes do it's amazing I had it on today and I looked really well rested even though I have had a cold all week!

  3. Quick question Ateh- I adore Nars and really like that this sounds so convenient to use but won’t I rub my foundation off when applying it?

  4. The answer is no you won't! The illuminator sets on top of foundation and won't smear or rub off your foundation underneath. When you get it please do tell me what you think!
    Speak soon,
    Ateh x


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