Sunday, 24 January 2010


Last week, I predicted Brad Pitt’s beard appeared to be the window to his soul in that he and Angelina may be on the outs. He first grew his rather scary beard just before leaving Jennifer Aniston and now the beard has returned, as headlines all over the world are claiming it may be the end of Brangelina. The Daily Mail have even alleged that Brad and Angie are on the verge of signing a £205 million pound settlement as well as allegedly settling for joint custody. As soon as Brad signs on the dotted line, I predict a swift exit for the beard as he shaves off his emotional baggage. What do you guys think????


  1. Oh this blog made me laugh Ateh – looks like you predicted correctly!!

  2. I agree with Claire, this was very funny and totally accurate. Love it!

  3. Thanks guys!!!!! The beard never lies!!!!!

  4. He's converting to Judaism. Or scooping up Madonna. Or both.

  5. It reminds me of Roald Dahl's The Twits when they get all the food stuck in their beards... yuck!

  6. dumm, and silly prediction.
    it's just simple a great looking style and all great man have been wearing beart.
    you thinking is like in the sixtis, where man
    are not allowed to have long hair.
    shaved faces are just plain borring.
    and if you would know it every experienced women
    love the extra tickle.
    cheers, the bearded bastards


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