Wednesday, 13 January 2010


You can always tell a woman’s state of mind by her hair. I haven’t met a woman yet who hasn’t chopped her hair post break up. One friend of mine years ago was dumped, chopped her hair off the next day to try and make herself feel sassy and liberated - only to cry for 2 hours and then spend £200 having hair extensions put in the next day. Women also fiddle with their hair after having babies, getting married or just before a break up. I know a girl who wanted to feel more conservative after her marriage and dyed her blonde locks brown like Jessica Simpson. Jessica had seemed to try and smarten herself up with brunette hair when she was dating that serial love machine John Mayer. It’s also no surprise that Nicole Richie has gone darker after the birth of her second baby and her new shiny dark do has helped her shake off her old party girl image.

When it comes to men I think hair and in the case of Brad Pitt, his facial hair is also a relationship barometer. I noticed in the dying days of his marriage to Jennifer Aniston (bless), he grew the most ridiculous looking beard ever. Needless to say a few months later his marriage was over. Now as rumours of a split with Miss Jolie are circling the beard has returned. I think perhaps it’s his subconscious way of physically creating a block between him and his waning love interest. Watch this space and his beard to see what happens next…….


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  2. Does anyone think Brad Pitt looks hot with his beard?

  3. Hi Ateh, I couldn't agree more about hairstyles and colour reflecting a person's emotional state. Following the birth of my twins, I didn't so much want a huge image overhaul as a more subtle statement of the new beginning with a fresh cut and style. It was also liberating and rejuvenating to colour my hair following months of avoiding tints during pregnancy. Just the pick-me-up that was needed during the many sleepless nights! Funnily enough though, I was discussing this very topic with my colourist the other day when we were debating extreme makeovers-be it under the surgeon's knife or through hairstyles. While it is obvious that the majority, if not all of Hollywood have had some work done, just when exactly does a little become too much? She was saying that she actually assesses her clients' emotional states and requests, and will refuse to carry out a colour that she believes would not work for the individual. Wise woman.
    Quite frankly I don't think I have ever seen Brad Pitt look as horrendous as he does in the picture you have posted Ateh. What is going on with that?!! It doesn't help that he obviously dyes his hair but has forgotten to do something with his wispy old beard. I'm sure the natural aging process has played a part in his deteriorating appearance, but I always did think that Angelina Jolie accelerated things and zapped him of his fresh, contented good looks. I totally agree with you that this is not a man who is particularly emotionally happy. Not to worry though, I'm sure that we will hear of him getting back with ex Jen soon enough- it is Hollywood after all!- Nell X

  4. Thanks for your great comments Nell! I completely agree with you especially when it comes to extreme makeovers. Like buying guns in the US there should be a cooling off period! Also how we feel on the inside is often reflected on the outside...let's wait and see what happens with the Jolie- Pitts! x


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