Friday, 23 April 2010


Yesterday I went to a fab Giorgio Armani fragrance launch at Soho Hotel. Mr Armani’s latest fragrance offering is really mouth watering and easy to wear and was inspired by a mojito (my favourite cocktail).

Acqua di Gioia, prices start from £33 for 30 ml, available nationwide from July, hits the spot when it comes to the perfect summer fragrance, as it has an uplifting crushed mint leaves accord along with Italian lemon (the prized first pick of the season) and a sexy water jasmine, which isn’t as animalic as a traditional jasmine note as it’s grown in water, clever eh! The fragrance develops into a sensual woody smooth affair with cedarwood, brown sugar (inspired by the mojito but not too sweet) and labdanum.

I like the watery energetic nature of the fragrance but the water jasmine and cedarwood keep me from yawning -I’m an Oriental type of girl; I need a bit of sex in my fragrances. To me a sign of a good fragrance is if it can take me on a sensory journey. One whiff of this and I was in Havana, Cuba the place I had my first mojito back in the day when I was on a shoot for Tatler, so it definitely passed that test. I think this will do really well as it’s like a fresh yet sophisticated hit of summer in a bottle without being chavvy or cheap. Acqua di Gioia is class all the way just like Mr Armani himself.

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