Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I'm so excited that the lovely James Read, Celebrity Tanning expert who works with Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton asked me to do an interview on his fabulous tanning website Ask I mentioned on my last post lots of black girls and A-listers fake tan to get that glowy, glossy skin you only find in a music video. Please do check out my full interview on and check out the site for the best ways to tan, so you don't end up looking like the queen of the Guidettes Snooki from Jersey Shore!


  1. Interesting read :-) That hot mess Snooki brings tears to my eyes though! I have St Tropez and Garnier fake tan that I've been given to try, but I'm too scared to touch it!!

  2. Thank you! Yes Snooki I want to take a baby wipe to her face and give her a good scrub! As for trying the fake tan you have to give it a go and face the fear and use the mantra I'm going to glow like Beyonce, I'm going to glow like Beyonce, I'm going to glow like bloody BEYONCE! Be careful not to mess up your sheets though- that was my rookie mistake!

    Speak soon,
    Ateh xxxxx


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