Thursday, 8 April 2010


I love girly gadgets. I love my iphone, I love eye serums in rollerballs and eye shadow palettes with pull out trays. Ohhh they’re all so dinky and cute! As summer approaches, L’Oreal Paris has brought out a new beauty toy to play with called the Scrublet. The Scrublet is a super soft cleansing disc, which can be used to give your skin a really deep down clean. The 500 soft flexible modules in this little scrubber helps to mould to facial contours and massages the skin to help get your glow on. It simply pops out of the packaging, which looks like a souped up new ipod and you can even stick the scrublet onto your bathroom wall or mirror to help it stay clean. The Scrublet comes with L’Oreal Paris’ latest range of facial washes and there is one for every skin type with Foaming Gel Wash for normal combination skin, Foaming Gel Wash for blemish prone skin, Foaming Cream Wash for Dry skin and the Foaming Gentle Scrub for all skin types and at £4.99, available nationwide, you can’t go wrong. I also love the visual of Freida ‘Latika’ Pinto, she looks so fresh and clean. Grab a scrublet and get scrubbing.

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