Tuesday, 4 May 2010


The other day I had lunch with a lovely Pr who gave me a sneak peek at the new Serge Lutens fragrance- Bas de Soie, £64, Harrods, available in June. I’m a huge Lutens fan as all his fragrances really do take you on a sensorial journey. When I have to buckle down to a tough deadline and all I want to do is shake my booty to Beyonce’s top 20 hits on MTV, I spritz the air with Serge Lutens Serge Noire. This immediately whisks me to a Harry Potter Hogswart/ Oxford University type library full of leather bound books as it’s laced with comforting cinnamon, amber, patchouli and mysterious black woods and I feel cocooned and ready to work.

Perfumers like Serge Lutens create fabulous fragrances, it’s as if they have taken a snap shot of a moment in time or a landscape and captured it in a bottle with a bit of modern alchemy. All well crafted fragrances also have a bit of a witchy mercurial magic to them as they often change on each wearer depending on the natural oils in the skin, which changes your skin’s chemistry. I think that’s rather wonderful that like wine, fragrance is a living breathing creature. I’m also a bit of a fragrance snob and hate it when I’m in a lift and can name (using my inside voice) what everyone is wearing around me. When I’m wearing Serge Lutens, I know no one can play the ‘name the fragrance game’ with what I’m wearing.

With Lutens latest creation Bas de Soie or Silk Stockings, Lutens whisks me straight to a Parisian 1940s attic flat where a burlesque dancer is washing her stockings and hanging them up over the bath in preparation for another night of seductive stripping. That’s where the powdery yet sexy iris, hyacinth and grass flowers takes me. Next time you pump on your favourite EDT before rushing out the door -close your eyes and take a few minutes to be whisked away before the day starts.

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