Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Theirry Muglar has always been a visionary, whether it has been with his Haute Couture fashion seen on 90s supermodels in George Michael's iconic " Too Funky" Video, which he also directed by the way to his fragrances like Angel, which broke records and the mould in every way. 

Now Mr Muglar has launched what I can only call quite a noble new endeavour with Womanity.com. This new site is open to women of the world to express themselves and encourages them to interprete the world around them and post these thoughts on what can only be described as a massive mosaic or patch work made up of their photos and musings. I was really honoured to be asked to contribute to this lady mosaic and please see my photo and quote, which was "What Womanity means to me is the power of creation, whether it's the power to create life, relationships, art, ideas or love" . Please visit the site and add what you want to say, it's a great way to feel connected ironically through technology, which can be incredible isolating. Get in touch with your Womanity today!


  1. Thank you roho218_g for your comment....." I like your blog and please keep going!" I love my Chinese readers and am really honoured and so glad you are enjoying my blog ! Please spread the word in China!

    Ateh x


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