Friday, 28 May 2010


On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the National Movie Awards by L’Oreal Paris. L’Oreal Paris had a beauty room set up in Claridges for both hair and make up to help glamourise everyone, which was fab. I also got to have cocktails with Diane Kruger and her boyfriend Pacey from Dawson’s Creek AKA Joshua Jackson at the Soho Hotel. I got a bit overexcited chatting and hanging out with him, he really was warm, funny and a cheeky chap - is there anyone who didn’t have a crush on him back in the day? I also got to walk the red carpet and my husband was there too filming with our beauty consultancy company Couture Communications, with the presenter George Lamb who was lovely and super sweet.

As I stopped to say hello and have a chat to my husband on the red carpet, I could see a wave of men walking towards me so I thought I should dash off and as I did I managed to almost smash into in Mr Big himself Chris Noth- he did look a bit startled bless but I got screamed at by a wall of paps telling me to get out the way. Not very cool I felt like a complete nerd.

Once inside it was a really fun and fast show and I was seated within spitting distance of the stage. Tom Cruise didn’t look that short I’m thinking lifts in shoes???? I also did a rise the roof salute to Chris Rock- he was v cool.  I was so excited to be seated behind George, Diane Kruger, Pacey AKA Joshua Jackson and next to James Corden (how funny was he on stage) and Dominic Cooper who looked a little sad and thin- it must be heartache from his rumoured split with Amanda Seyfried. I would have given him a hug but obviously that would be stalking right? With Pacey and Katie Holmes AKA Joey only a few rows away from each other, we all were waiting to see if there was some kind of love triangle smack down (Joshua and Katie dated for real during Dawson's Creek) but sadly there was not.

The aftershow party back at Claridges was just as glam and I was rubbing shoulders with Gwyneth Paltrow who looked amazing in pink. Thank you again L’Oreal it was a magical night!


  1. LOL @ you crashing into Chris Noth! Too funny - I'd have died of shame being yelled at by the paps. Looks like a fab night.

  2. Thanks so much! It was a bit surreal! It really wasn't a good look.
    Ateh x

  3. wow my darling, seems you have so much fun :) you have to tell me all the details when we catch up next time!! Mel x

  4. Thanks Mel it was really fun and glam!!! Although I almost took out Chris Noth and scared him !

  5. I love him he is so sexy!!!!

  6. thanks so much for the comment he did make everyone go a bit funny and weak in the knees!


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