Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Did she or didn’t she that’s what everyone is asking about Kate Hudson’s suspected boob job??? Here she is in Stella McCartney at Monday’s Costume Institute Gala in New York. If she did have a boob job rather than gain a little poundage by eating cakes and chillaxing with the exercise regime, it’s really telling about how she feels about her body.

I had a friend who had a boob job, it was her 21 st birthday present from her Aunty (cool Aunt- all I get is a call and coupons) anyway she went up to a rather small B cup- like Kate Hudson’s alleged boob job. This modest increase hardly meant my friend was battling Pamela Anderson and Katie Price in the implant stakes. Her boob job was not a sex alert/ look at me message to the world but made her feel more feminine and confident and it really did a lot for her self esteem and the way she presented herself to the world. I think good on you lady, if that’s what you want to do and you feel good about yourself.

The truth is when it comes to boobs and femininity there is a strong link and whether you are small or big- I don’t know one woman who loves and is 100 % happy with hers. I have the biggest boobs known to mankind and don’t really know what it’s like to live in a small boob world. I have had buses stop for me, free black cab rides (please read my black cab beauty post to further elaborate), free Starbucks and Pret coffees and strange men being ever so nice to me while chatting happily to my chest (freaks).  However, there is a dark side to having big boobs too, girls can be mean and think you are going to steal their men and white van drivers just assume because of your cup size that you are a slaggggg and that " you love it up you", I am quoting here by the way, while drinking my free decaf latte I have had that shouted at me on Oxford Street -mortifying!  So boobs whatever the size really do matter in our society and world for good or for bad. However, if you want to take charge of your body and make yourself happy and your boob job comes from a confident emotional stable place I say pump, pump it up! What do you guys think? 

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  1. OMG Ateh, you had me laughing so much with this, I too have a friend who is well-endowed and totally gets hassle from white van men - weird! And one who is more KH but she is happy as she is. I totally agree with you, if it makes you happier about your body go for it surgery-wise!

  2. Thanks so much!!! I could tell you things white van drivers have shouted at me over the years, which would make your eyes water!!! Boobs are such a weird territory if I could give away a few cup sizes worth to ladies who wanted it without scars and surgery I really would! If you have the power to please yourself than I agree just make yourself happy!!!! Hope you are well!!!
    Ateh x

  3. I felt compelled to answer this post (love your blog by the way). I used to be flat chested - and I mean seriously flat chested - the walls used to sneer at me with jealousy!

    But at 18 years old, when I went on the pill my boobs went to a 32D and so they have remained for the past 10 years. I definitely agree it makes me feel more feminine, and I may have considered a boob job if nature hadn't intervened. Not to get massive, look-at-me boobs, but just to feel sexy and feminine in myself.

    However, because I was such a late bloomer it makes me mad when mums buy their 16 year old daughters a boob job - nature hasn't finished doing its job at 16 years old!!! I think it is so irresposible on so many levels - my view at 16 of how a woman should look changed as I grew older and to make such a permanent change so young is scary.

    But for adults such as Kate Hudson and the rest of us, if a boob job makes you feel more confident and happier, I say why not?

  4. Thank you so much Jenni for sharing this. I really appreciate it and I totally agree with you on letting your body grow naturally and only then taking the decision when you are old enough and doing it for all the right reasons.

    Many thanks,
    Ateh x


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